Sunday, April 01, 2001

The strike's effect so far

        Here's the costs through today on those involved in the Comair pilot strike.

        • Company losses: $2.5 million per day, according to USB Warburg analyst Sam Buttrick, or a total of $17.5 million. Put another way, it's costing Delta stockholders 2 cents a day per share.

        • Pilot salary losses: $144,401 daily, or $1 million for the week, according to figures supplied by the pilots and Air Inc., an Atlanta-based pilot placement service.

        • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport losses: $13,000 daily in Comair landing fees, or $91,000 for the week. (If the airport comes up short on its budget at the end of the year, all the airlines at the airport must make up the difference.)

        • Concessionaires: No layoffs reported yet, but restaurants and stores in Comair's Concourse C have been closed since last Monday, missing out on 20,000 passengers passing through daily. One company, Anton Airfoods, runs four restaurants that normally serve 2,000 customers daily; only one of those restaurants has remained open.

        • Passengers: 26,000 delayed or displaced.

        Comair says it's been able to accomodate about 85 percent of those originally scheduled to fly. That leaves about 3,250 passengers a day — or a total of more than 26,000 (roughly the number of people Comair carried daily before the strike) — couldn't be helped and had to be delayed or have their tickets refunded.

        In addition, many of those passengers who were reaccommodated had to be rerouted on flights that weren't direct — costing travelers time and convenience.


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