Sunday, March 25, 2001

All about Oscar

For Hollywood's special night, we open the envelope for award-related facts and fun

By Margaret A. McGurk
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Oscar night is the Super Bowl of pop-culture. For a night of frivolous fun, cheap bets and dishing about what those Hollywood folks will do next, you can't beat the Academy Awards. To help you make the most of it, we have collected a smorgasbord of trivia about the famous 8.5-pound golden statues and the movie folks who have won them.


On the air

        What: 73rd Annual Academy Awards
        When: 8:30 p.m. today
        Where: WCPO-TV (Channel 9)

Online reader poll

        Here is how visitors to the Enquirer's Web site called the Oscar race:

        Best picture: Gladiator,46 percent; Erin Brokovich,20 percent; Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,15 percent; Traffic,11 percent; Chocolat 7 percent.

        Best actor: Russell Crowe, 48 percent; Tom Hanks, 40 percent; Ed Harris, 8 percent; Geoffrey Rush, 3 percent; Javier Bardem, 0 percent.

        Best actress: Julia Roberts, 72 percent; Juliette Binoche, 13 percent; Joan Allen, 6 percent; Ellen Burstyn, 5 percent; Laura Linney, 4 percent.

        Supporting actor: Joaquin Phoenix, 28 percent; Benicio Del Toro, 25 percent; Jeff Bridges, 16 percent; Willem Dafoe, 16 percent; Albert Finney, 15 percent.

        Supporting actress: Kate Hudson, 54 percent; Frances McDormand, 16 percent; Judi Dench, 16 percent; Julie Walters, 11 percent; Marcia Gay Harden, 3 percent.

        Director: Ridley Scott, 32 percent; Steven Soderbergh, Erin Brokovich,30 percent; Steven Soderbergh, Traffic,21 percent; Ang Lee, 15 percent; Stephen Daldry, 2 percent.

McGurk's picks

        Best picture: Should win — Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Will win — Gladiator.

        Best actor: Should — Geoffrey Rush. Will — Tom Hanks.

        Best actress: Should — Joan Allen. Will — Julia Roberts.

        Supporting actor: Should — Willem Dafoe. Will — Benicio Del Toro.

        Supporting actress: Should — Frances McDormand. Will — Judi Dench.

        Director: Should — Ang Lee. Will — Ridley Scott.

On the Web

        Official Site: — A wealth of official information dating back to the beginning of the Academy. Look for the link to the AMPAS database for definitive research.

        Internet Movie Database: — Vast storehouse of details on movies, moviemakers and actors.

        Inside Magazine: — Savvy oddsmakers, lots of informed dish.

        Little Golden Guy: — Current and historical facts, plenty of fun links. (Gamblers beware; their searchable database is fun, but does not always jibe with AMPAS records.

        Oscarwatch: — Predictions, analysis, critics' ratings and more.

        Oscars Pick 'Em: — Fans' predictions, links to scores of movie-fan groups.

        R.S. Owens: — Home page of the Chicago company that makes the official Oscar statues.

The odds

        According to oddsmaker Lenny Del Genio, Racing Service Inc.:

        Gladiator, 2-to-1; Erin Brokovich, 2-to-1; Traffic, 3-to-1; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 5-to-1; Chocolat, 12-to-1.

A local connection

        Bub and Jackie Asman of Fort Wright will be at the Oscars savoring Mr. Asman's nomination for sound editing for the film Space Cowboys.

[photo] Jackie Asman and her Oscar night dress.
(Enquirer photo)
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        So where does a Tristate woman shop for a dress to wear to the “night of a thousand stars?”Kotsovos Furs and Fine Apparel in Old Montgomery.

        “I went to Kotsovos with a friend to look for the perfect dress,” Mrs. Asman says.

        Unfortunately, it was not love at first sight when the saleswoman, Victoria Gribler, showed her the dress.

        “I thought it was ugly,” Mrs. Asman says, “but my friend suggested I try it on. I did, and it fit and I bought it. It looks beautiful on me.”

        It's a black, full-length dress by B'zar, fully beaded with a sheer taupe overlay and elbow-length sleeves.

        “I looked in the mirror and thought, "that's me.' Now I'm excited to return to the Oscars.”

        Mr. Asman was nominated in 1996 for his work on the movie Eraser.
       — Shauna Scott Rhone


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