Saturday, March 24, 2001

What's the Buzz?

Greenspan wins in beer poll

        Just to prove that everyone's got a survey for just about everything: Sam Adams announced this week that its customers still support Alan Greenspan.

        That's Sam Adams the beer.

        According to the brewery's statement about the poll, 50 percent of Americans said they would “raise their glasses, or bottles of beer, to "toast' Greenspan — even as tax day approaches and economists wonder if a recession looms.”

        The beer company conducted the 1,000-person telephone survey with Roper-Starch. About 30 percent of those questioned would want to “roast” Mr. Greenspan.

        “What's surprising about Greenspan's continued popularity is that more than 45 percent of people polled would rather "roast' than "toast' the financial market over a bottle of beer,” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Sam Adams beer.

        No, Mr. Koch. What's really surprising is that a beer company would conduct such a poll to begin with.

— Amy Higgins

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