Thursday, March 22, 2001

Tech to name Knight Friday

The Associated Press

        LUBBOCK, Texas — Bob Knight will be named Texas Tech's coach Friday following a whirlwind courtship that began four days before Tech fired James Dickey.

        Tech spokeswoman Cindy Rugeley said athletic director Gerald Myers told her Wednesday he would recommend his friend of 30 years for the job.

        “I didn't know that he had made his recommendation, but I don't think anything has happened that would change his mind,” she said. “I fully anticipate calling a press conference tomorrow.”

        University President David Schmidly said Wednesday he would follow Myers' recommendation.

        “What better thing could happen for Texas Tech?” Schmidly said following an hour-long meeting with the faculty senate.

        “I like the fact that he doesn't violate NCAA rules, and that's the way he chooses to win. We've had a problem with NCAA penalties. And that's set this institution back. We don't ever want to be on the wrong side of the NCAA rules again.”

        Myers said he would be offering Schmidly his recommendation “soon” and planned to visit with the president sometime today. He has indicated he would recommend Knight for the job but wouldn't commit Wednesday as to which way his expected recommendation of Knight will go.

        With Myers as Knight's direct boss, Schmidly said he expects good behavior from the volatile Knight, who was fired from Indiana last fall after breaking a zero-tolerance behavior policy.

        During the meeting, faculty members asked how university officials would handle any misbehavior by Knight and how hiring such a controversial figure could affect the university's image.

        “If the incidents that happened at Indiana were to be repeated, I would have to terminate Coach Knight,” Schmidly told about 50 faculty members.

        During a meeting with Knight and his wife, Schmidly said he talked with Knight about his behavior. Schmidly said Knight spoke with him about new coaching strategies he would like to put into play and said he wasn't proud of some of his responses in the past.

        If Chancellor John Montford agrees with Knight's selection, he would be responsible for informing Tech's Board of Regents. The regents can approve or disapprove of any hire but lack the power to veto.

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