Thursday, March 22, 2001

Schools earning state bonuses

Improvement on tests rewarded

By Lori Hayes
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        More than half of Northern Kentucky's schools will get a bonus check next month for improved performance on state tests.

        Those schools found out Wednesday just how big those checks will be, splitting a pot of $22.4 million statewide.

        The Kentucky Department of Education announced the amounts of reward money schools will receive based on the past two years' test scores and non-academic data, such as drop-out and attendance rates.

        Of the state's 1,200 public schools, 702 will share the reward money, which will be distributed to schools in mid-April.

        Each school's allotment is based on its number of teachers. Schools will get $959 per full-time teacher.

        Fifty-one schools and six alternative programs in Northern Kentucky are getting more than $1.5 million, with amounts ranging from $517 to $80,900. (Alternative programs get to share in the wealth if 10 percent or more of their students come from mainstream schools that were in rewards.)

        Boone County Schools was the area's top breadwinner, with 13 of its 18 schools receiving rewards for a total of more than $680,000. The district is the largest in Northern Kentucky.

        It's up to the school councils how the money is spent. Many divvy it up for teacher bonuses.

        “There are tons of things you could do with it,” said Bonnie Sizemore, principal of Lincoln Elementary in Dayton, which will receive nearly $50,000. Her school hasn't decided how it will spend the money.

        But a rewards designation means more than bonus money, Ms. Sizemore said.

        “It validates the fact that you're working your butt off,” she said.

        Since 1994, the state has has handed out reward money every two years to schools that show improvement on its assessment system, the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System. The millions are a part of the state legislature's education budget.

        To be eligible for rewards, schools must meet or exceed their performance goals, individually set by the state.

        Schools' scores for the 1998-99 and 1999-2000 school years were released last fall. Based on their performance, schools were classified as “rewards,” “maintaining” or “assistance.”

        Since then, one Northern Kentucky school, Summit View Middle School in Kenton County, was moved from maintaining to rewards because of an error found in the calculation of its scores.

Reward totals

        Northern Kentucky's schools that will receive a bonus check next month for improved performance on state tests.

Boone County

        Boone County Schools:
       Boone County High School: $80,901.24
       Burlington Elementary: $41,678.14
       Chester Goodridge Elementary: $45,792.25
       Conner High School: $73,727.92
       Conner Middle School: $65,317.49
       Erpenbeck Elementary: $43,615.32
       Gray Middle School: $50,779.05
       Kelly Elementary: $25,672.43
       Maplewood Home High School: $1,150.80
       New Haven Elementary: $41,332.90
       NorthKey Boone County Day Treatment (Children/Adolescent Partial Hospital): $1,645.64
       Ockerman Elementary: $44,555.14
       Ockerman Middle School: $45,955.28
       Ryle High School: $71,570.17
       Stephens Elementary: $48,026.72
       District total: $681,720.49

       Walton-Verona Independent Schools:
       Walton-Verona Elementary: $33,910.24
       Walton-Verona High School: $36,039.22
       District total: $69,949.46

Campbell County

        Bellevue Independent Schools:
       Bellevue High School: $28,961.80
       Grandview Elementary: $37,717.47
       District total: $66,679.27
Campbell County Schools:
       A.J. Jolly Elementary: $12,610.85
       Alexandria Elementary: $29,997.52
       Campbell County Regional Juvenile Detention Center: $517.86
       Grants Lick Elementary: $22,009.05
       District total: $65,135.28
Dayton Independent Schools:
       Lincoln Elementary: $49,100.80
       District total: $49,100.80
Fort Thomas Independent Schools:
       Highlands High School: $53,847.85
       Highlands Middle School: $28,683.69
       Johnson Elementary: $27,734.28
       Moyer Elementary: $26,487.58
       District total: $136,753.40
Newport Independent Schools:
       Fourth Street Elementary: $42,934.43
       Mildred Dean Elementary: $23,466.73
       Northern Kentucky Learning Academy: $1,513.30
       District total: $67,914.46

Grant County

        Grant County Schools:
       Grant County Middle School: $44,852.43
       District total: $44,852.43
Williamstown Independent Schools:
       Williamstown Elementary: $27,686.33
       Williamstown High School: $20,062.28
       District total: $47,748.61

Kenton County

        Beechwood Independent Schools:
       Beechwood Elementary $33,095.09
       Beechwood High School $33,363.61
       District total: $66,458.70
Covington Independent Schools:
       Covington Adult High School: $1,287.22
       District total: $1,287.22
Erlanger-Elsmere Independent Schools:
       A.J. Lindeman Elementary: $17,214.05
       John W. Miles Elementary: $17,290.77
       Tichenor Middle School: $35,243.25
       District total: $69,748.07

        Kenton County Schools:
       Fort Wright Elementary: $24,454.50
       Dixie Heights High School: $64,636.60
       James A. Caywood Elementary: $25,298.42
       Kenton Central High School: $4,474.31
       Kenton Elementary: $26,564.30
       Piner Elementary: $21,510.37
       R.C. Hinsdale Elementary: $35,425.46
       River Ridge Elementary: $59,668.98
       Ryland Heights Elementary: $20,139.00
       Simon Kenton High School: $64,953.07
       Summit View Elementary: $36,326.92
       Summit View Middle School: $41,572.65
       Taylor Mill Elementary: $31,196.27
       Turkey Foot Middle School: $43,998.92
       Twenhofel Middle School: $41,975.43
       District total: $542,195.20

Pendleton County

        Pendleton County Schools:
        Sharp Middle School: $41,352.08
        Southern Elementary: $44,468.83
       District total: $85,820.91


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