Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Lights at Reds' new stadium to cost $1 million less

By Dan Klepal
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        There will be light at Great American Ball Park for about $1 million less than expected.

        Two bids for the electrical work at the new Reds' home were opened Tuesday, with the lower coming from Mayer's Electric, a Cincinnati company, at $18.8 million.

        The other bid, from a joint venture of Ermco Electrical Contractors and United Electrical Co., from Indianapolis and Cincinnati, respectively, was for $19.1 million.

        Both bids were under the construction manager's estimate of $19.8 million.

        Bids for three other aspects of construction also came in under estimate.

        The other bids are:

        • Fire protection: Includes all the piping and sprinkler heads for the project. Dalmatian Fire Inc. of Mason, submitted the apparent low bid at $1.8 million. Estimate: $2.5 million.

        • Deep well power supply: Power for pumps in the 17 wells ringing the stadium to collect water in case of flooding. Owensville Electric Co. of Owensville was the only bidder at $178,000. Estimate: $210,000.

        • Cable trays: Metal rack that rings the service level of the stadium to hold cables for broadcast and the stadium sound system. Seco Electrical Co. of Covington submitted the apparent low bid at $74,819. Estimate: $159,000.

        The $280 million ballpark is scheduled to open in 2003.


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