Economy batters local companies
        Half of Greater Cincinnati's largest companies lost money in 2000 or saw profits drop from the year before, an Enquirer analysis of financial reports shows.

Shutdown at Comair would have big impact
        Whether it be workers at Comair's Concourse C at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport or travelers from Roanoke, Va., preparations have begun for a potential pilots strike at the regional carrier.
Comair vs. pilots: at a glance

Business Headlines for  Sunday, March 18, 2001

Some sectors rise against the tide
        NEW YORK — While Wall Street shuddered this week at steep losses that have sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 9 percent this year, some market players have won gains from investments in sectors that were out of favor mere months ago.

BYCZKOWSKI: Warm welcomes remain for startups
        Free. That's the offer Main Street Ventures, the Over-the-Rhine technology incubator, is making to startup companies.

Financing startups
        When asked why he robbed banks, notorious robber Willie Sutton replied, “Because that's where the money is.”

CoActive promises cooperation to clients
        Think of them as weavers, not quilters.

Longaberger bio a best-seller before release
        COLUMBUS - The late David Longaberger's success at building the basket-making empire that bears his name has carried over into publishing.

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