Friday, March 16, 2001

Kentucky Supreme Court hears condemned man's appeal

The Associated Press

        FRANKFORT — Robert K. Woodall did not agree to a death sentence when he pleaded guilty to the crime, his attorney told the Supreme Court on Thursday.

        But Assistant Attorney Gener al Susan Roncarti said Mr. Woodall, convicted of killing high school cheerleader Sarah Hansen in 1997, “extinguished” his right against self-incrimination by pleading guilty to the crimes.

        “The evidence was absolutely overwhelming,” Ms. Roncarti said. “There is no reason to believe the jury in this case would have imposed any penalty other than death.”

        Mr. Woodall admitted kidnapping Ms. Hansen, 16, from a con venience store parking lot in Greenville on Jan. 25, 1997. He slit her neck and raped her. Then he draged her naked body to Luzerne Lake and threw her in. An autopsy indicated Ms. Hansen, an honor student, drowned.


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