Thursday, March 15, 2001

Disease closes Brown Co. shelter

By David Eck
Enquirer Contributor

        GEORGETOWN — The Brown County animal shelter was closed for much of Tuesday because of a rash of parvo cases over the last several weeks.

        Several of the roughly 50 dogs in the shelter were checked for the sometimes-fatal disease, and the shelter was also reviewed to make sure it is disease-free, county Dog Warden Mike Darnall said.

        “We just didn't adopt any dogs out and we didn't take any in,” he said. “For the safety and the reputation of the shelter, I just chose to close it. It's not an epidemic.”

        Parvo, a highly contagious disease that infected dogs spread through stools, affects a dog's intestines and immune system, said Dr. Dan Meakin, a veterinarian with All Creatures Animal Hospital in Amelia. The disease causes vomiting and bloody diarrhea. If untreated, it can be fatal.

        While the shelter was closed Mr. Darnall made arrangements with Adams County to take any new dogs, and had Dr. Meakin check the Brown County shelter for the disease. No traces were found, Mr. Darnall said.

        The disease first surfaced about four weeks ago in two puppies that were litter mates. Several other dogs at the shelter also came up with the virus since then, Mr. Darnall said. Those dogs were quarantined and destroyed.

        Officials do not think the virus spread through the shelter because dogs that had it were kept in different places. They likely came to the shelter with it.


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