Monday, March 12, 2001

You asked for it

Church heeds the call

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        QUESTION: On Sundays, members of the Crossroads Community Church appear to be illegally parking less than 10 feet from the intersection of Bayard Drive and Erie Avenue in Hyde Park. It is nearly impossible for motorists to see advancing traffic. The police and church have been advised. Are they waiting for a major accident to occur before accepting that there is a problem?

Judith Forristal, Hyde Park

        ANSWER: Brian Wells, director of spiritual development for the church, said off-duty Cincinnati police officers have been hired to enforce traffic regulations. Also, Lori Johnson, an administrative assistant at the church, said a “parking team” of church members has been working to ease the situation.

        Mr. Wells said much of the problem stems from the limited off-street parking at Clark Montessori School on Erie, where the congregation meets, and the rapid growth of church membership — from 12 charter members five years ago to about 1,500 today. The church is remodeling the former HQ store — a former retail home improvement warehouse — into a church at Ridge and Madison roads and a should be relocated by November.

        District 2 Police Sgt. Timothy Fritz said he is aware of the problem and will increase police presense in the area. Mr. Wells said announcements will be made at all services.

        Q. Several months ago, an additional turn lane was added to Nilles and River roads in Fairfield. About a week later it was blocked by orange barrels. Why were the barrels put there and why, several months later, have they just been removed?

        Kendra Ervin, Fairfield

        A. John Belanger, Fairfield city traffic analyst, said barrels were removed March 1. When the city redesigned the intersection, the overhead signals had to be replaced to comply with Ohio law. The city was legally required to close the lane until the new signals were installed and operating, he said.

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