Friday, March 09, 2001

Girls swimming all-star team

Ransom caps career with 4 state titles

By Dave Schutte
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Some athletes are quiet by nature, preferring to let their actions do their talking. Ursuline senior Tami Ransom is such a performer.

        Ransom won Division I individual state championships in the 100 freestyle and 200 individual medley and anchored both winning 200- and 400-freestyle relay teams, thus earning Enquirer swimmer of the year honors.

        This effort was key for the Lions winning the Division I state championship for the second consecutive season and a Cincinnati-area best fourth overall since 1991.

        Ransom closed out a brilliant four-year career with a school record 12 state championships, six in individual events and six as a member of relay teams.

        Erin Phenix, a gold-medal winner at the 2000 Olympics, held the Ursuline record with 10 state championships.

        “Tami had a fantastic district and was shooting to break records here (Canton),” Tim Beerman, The Enquirer's Coach of the Year, said. “She will swim some personal best times at the Senior National meet in March.”

        No matter the stroke, the Stanford-bound Ransom was nearly unbeatable. She finished with the fastest regular-season times in the 200 individual medley, 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.

        Like Ransom, Beerman also is low key, preferring to instruct and encourage the athletes during meets and practices rather than yelling and dishing out criticism.

        Because of this demeanor, one parent said "he's such a nice guy that he should have been a priest' which drew a laugh from Beerman following the state championship.

        Since taking over the Ursuline program in 1997, Beerman's teams have won three state championships (1998, 2000, 2001) while finishing second in 1999, by 18 points.

        The future looks even brighter for Ursuline with most of the top performers returning, including a corp of freshmen.


Katie Schnur, Oak Hills, Sophomore, 200 Medley Relay

        Katie Hunter, Oak Hills, Senior, 200 Medley Relay

        Liz Schoborg, Oak Hills, Junior, 200 Medley Relay

        Carolynn McHugh, Oak Hills, Senior, 200 Medley relay, 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle

        Whitney Myers, Ursuline, Sophomore, 200 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle, 200 Freestyle Relay, 400 Freestyle Relay

        Betsy Jo Brockman, Williamsburg, Junior, 200 Individual Medley

        Michelle Reynolds, Wyoming, Senior, 100 Butterfly

        Emily Hunter, Indian Hill, Sophomore, Diving

        Maggi Bulla, Ursuline, Junior, 200 Freestyle Relay

        Jenny Kunkel, Ursuline, Senior, 200 Freestyle relay

        Rachel Tepe, St. Ursula, Senior, 100 Backstroke

        Tiffany Clay, Mt. Notre Dame, Sophomore, 100 Breaststroke

        Katie Greiner, Ursuline, Sophomore, 400 Freestyle Relay

        Margy Keefe, Ursuline, Freshman, 400 Freestyle Relay

        200 medley relay: Oak Hills (Katie Schnur, Katie Hunter, Liz Schoborg, Carolynn McHugh).

        200 freestyle: Whitney Myers, Ursuline

        200 individual medley: Betsy Jo Brockman, Williamsburg

        50 freestyle: Carolynn McHugh, Oak Hills

        100 butterfly: Michelle Reynolds, Wyoming

        Diving: Emily Hunter, Indian Hill

        100 freestyle: Carolynn McHugh, Oak Hills

        500 freestyle: Whitney Myers, Ursuline

        200 freestyle relay: Ursuline (Whitney Myers, Maggi Bulla, Jenny Kunkel and Tami Ransom)

        100 backstroke: Rachel Tepe, St. Ursula

        100 breaststroke: Tiffany Clay, Mount Notre Dame

        400 freestyle Relay: Ursuline (Whitney Myers, Katie Greiner, Margy Keefe, Ransom)


        200 medley relay

        St. Ursula: Rachel Tepe, Erin Gartner, Jacque Fessel, Liz Keating. Ursuline: Maggi Bulla, Tiffany Lipari, Lesley Meade, Jenny Kunkel. Mt. Notre Dame: Randi Vogel, Tiffany Clay, Nicole Winhusen, Megan Montag. Sycamore: Lauren Bernstein, Grace Phillips, Courtney Siemer Jill Ursini. Lakota West: Ashley Miller, Kris Busse, Randi Webber, Katie Busse. Mason: Brittany Huntebrinker, Lauren Hewes, Rhiannon Schwartz, Susan Waizenhofer. Mercy: Jen Koch, Nori Chong, Brigette Heyob, Erin Sander. Wyoming: Pam Gieseker, Valerie Edgington, Michelle Reynolds, Lindsey Smith. Indian Hill: Anne Uible, Jackie Rodriguez, Betsy Carey, Claire Ballard. Badin: Becca Onatis, Cara Hardig, Kate Mense, Jenni Horvath.

        200 freestyle

        Jill Ursini, Sycamore; Meredith French, Ursuline; Chelsea Homan, Anderson; Ellie Miller, Anderson; Brandy Keever, Lebanon; Katie Ball, St. Ursula; Megan Tomes, Anderson; Margy Keefe, Ursuline; Katie Greiner, Ursuline; Caroline Keating, St. Ursula; Lindsay Bockstiegel, Madeira; Karen Olson, Mariemont; Sarah Murphy, Madeira; Jenny Miller, Madeira.

        200 individual medley

        Kate Mense, Badin; Stephanie Peschiera, Seven Hills; Pam Gieseker, Wyoming; Betany Yeakley, Wilmington; Amanda Herd, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Maggi Bulla, Ursuline; Kelly Hagen, Ursuline; Rachel Tepe, St. Ursula; Jen Koch, Mercy; Liz Schoborg, Oak Hills; Katie Hunter, Oak Hills; Rhiannon Schwartz, Mason.

        50 freestyle

        Ashley Johnson, Wilmington; Lindsey Smith, Wyoming; Betsy Carey, Indian Hill; Tiffany Lipari, Ursuline; Liz Keating, St. Ursula; Emily Barnes, St. Ursula; Katie Schnur, Oak Hills; Sarah Schnieber, St. Ursula; Jenny Hagen, Ursuline.

        100 butterfly

        Victoria Thoman, Mariemont; Krista Wray, Lemon Monroe; Jenny Miller, Lemon Monroe; Becca Onaitis, Badin; Jenny Kunkel, Ursuline; Kelli Krallman, Ursuline; Susan Waizenhofer, Mason; Lesley Meade, Ursuline; Liz Schoborg, Oak Hills; Randi Vogel, Mt. Notre Dame; Randi Webber, Lakota West; Lauren Bernstein, Sycamore; Katie Busse, Lakota West.

        100 freestyle

        Betsy Carey, Indian Hill; Krista Wray, Lemon Monroe; Lindsey Smith, Wyoming; Lindsay Bockstiegel, Madeira; Claire Ballard, Indian Hill; Susan Waizenhofer, Mason; Carolynn McHugh, Oak Hills; Meredith French, Ursuline; Lauren Bernstein Sycamore; Lesley Meade, Ursuline; Megan Tomes, Anderson; Sarah Schnieber, St. Ursula.

        500 freestyle

        Heather Gueltig, Ridgeville Christian; Sarah Murphy, Madeira; Emily King, Indian Hill; Karen Olson, Mariemont; Jackie Rodriguez, Indian Hill; Michelle Reynolds, Wyoming; Kate Mense, Badin; Katie Ball, St. Ursula; Chelsea Homan, Anderson; Amber Miller, Lakota West; Jill Ursini, Sycamore; Margy Keefe, Ursuline; Liz Keating, St. Ursula; Marisa Mackos, Ursuline; Kelly Hagen, Ursuline; Ellie Miller, Anderson; Theresa Gebhardt, St. Ursula.

        200 freestyle relay

        Mariemont: Jenny Miller, Casey Clukey, Victoria Thoman, Karen Olson. Madeira: Jenny Miller, Sarah Miller, Annika Fernandez, Lindsay Bockstiegel. Wyoming: Michelle Reynolds, Kate Theobald, Pam Gieseker, Lindsey Smith. Wilmington: Ashley Johnson, Deidra Robinson, Betany Yeakley, Heidi Kleinheinz. Princeton: Ashleigh Shafer, Rachel Pearson, Caroline McIver, Monica Foley. St. Ursula: Emily Barnes, Sarah Schnieber, Katie Ball, Jacque Fessel. Sycamore: Courtney Siemer, Katie MacKnight, Suzanne Wight, Jaclyn Tameris. Mason: Shannon Eilders, Brittany Huntebrinker, Rhiannon Schwartz, Susan Waizenhofer. Anderson: Chelsea Homan, Ellie Miller, Alison Klus, Megan Tomes.

        100 backstroke

        Pam Gieseker, Wyoming; Stephanie Peschiera, Seven Hills; Victoria Thoman, Mariemont; Amanda Herd, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy; Betany Yeakley, Wilmington; Jacque Fessel, St. Ursula; Rhiannon Schwartz, Mason; Maggi Bulla, Ursuline; Brandy Keever, Lebanon; Kelli Krallman, Ursuline; Megan Nunn, Loveland; Katie Greiner, Ursuline; Randi Vogel, Mt. Notre Dame; Jenny Kunkel, Ursuline; Katie Busse, Lakota West.

        100 breaststroke

Emily King, Indian Hill; Betsy Jo Brockman, Williamsburg; Jackie Rodriguez, Indian Hill; Erin Gartner, St. Ursula; Grace Phillips, Sycamore; Tiffany Lipari, Ursuline; Jennifer Betts, Winton Woods; Shannon Grace, St. Ursula; Lauren Hewes, Mason; Hillary Robnick, Talawanda; Katie Hunter, Oak Hills; Jen Koch, Mercy; Emily Howell, Ursuline.

        400 freestyle relay

        Mariemont: Jenny Miller, Casey Clukey, Victoria Thoman, Karen Olson. Wyoming: Lisa Hirtzel, Ashley Horne, Kelly Adamson, Kate Theobald. Madeira: Jenny Miller, Sarah Murphy, Annika Fernandez, Lindsay Bockstiegel. Indian Hill: Emily King, Claire Ballard, Jackie Rodriguez, Betsy Carey. Wilmington: Ashley Johnson, Deidra Robinson, Betany Yeakley, Keidi Kleinheinz. Sycamore: Lauren Bernstein, Courtney Siemer, Jaclyn Tameris, Jill Ursini. St. Ursula: Liz Keating, Sarah Schnieber, Katie Ball, Rachel Tepe. Lakota West: Randi Webber, Kris Busse, Ashley Miller, Sara Mulshine. Mercy: Erin Sander, Brigette Heyob, Kelly O'Connell, Jen Koch. Princeton: Monica Foley, Brandi Shoupe, Caroline McIver, Ashleigh Shafer. Anderson: Chelsea Homan, Ellie Miller, Alison Klus, Megan Tomes.


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