Tristate divided by race
        Poor race relations is one of the biggest problems facing Greater Cincinnati, limiting opportunities today and threatening the region's future, an influential group of Tristate leaders says.
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Problem areas identified by panel
        After more than four hours of discussion Feb. 21, community leaders identified myriad areas where improvements in race relations are needed.
Ohio a thrill-seekers' delight

Time for a community conversation
        Cincinnati's “polite silence” is one of the reasons we asked a group of community leaders, who appear in the stories above, to meet recently to talk about the state of race relations. The lack of good communication may be a special problem hindering better race relations in Cincinnati.

Local Headlines for  Sunday, March 04, 2001

UC freshman enrollment soars
        The University of Cincinnati is experiencing an unusual rush to secure seats in the freshman class of 2001.

Winning Lotto ticket sold in Sharonville
        One winning ticket was sold in Sharonville for Saturday night's Super Lotto Plus game. The only other winning ticket was sold in Xenia.

Guest columnist: Mike Brown
        To briefly state the obvious, the Bengals have greatly disappointed Cincinnati's football fans in recent seasons. We have greatly disappointed ourselves, too. We are determined to do better, and we understand the frustration felt by loyal and enthusiastic fans.

BRONSON: South of the border
        Augusto is a smarter, more handsome, Venezuelan ringer for Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

PULFER: Writers with the right stuff
        The author of The Right Stuff and A Man in Full accessorized himself with a white pocket handkerchief, powder blue necktie and spectator shoes, which look like spats. Tom Wolfe has added a windowpane pattern to his signature three-piece, ice-cream-white suit.

WILKINSON: Negative ads repel voters
        This is sort of a “dog bites man”sort of thing, but we thought you might like to know about it anyway. A survey released last week by the Institute for Global Ethics showed that Ohio voters are cynical about politicians and hate negative advertising. Son of a gun.

At-risk mothers tutored on child care
        Sitting on a couch at her aunt's home, 16-year-old Jebriel Jenkins gets a homework lesson most high school students won't need.

Military medics may train here
        The Air Force is considering sending some of its surgeons, nurses and technicians to University Hospital in Cincinnati to get more experience handling trauma care.

Resignation not enough, parents say
        Some parents dependent on child-support payments are skeptical that a shake-up in Ohio's Job and Family Services Department, which owes millions in back payments to parents, will bring much relief.

Suspect overdosed, arrested at hospital
        PETERSBURG — A 22-year-old Petersburg man accused of dumping a body in the Ohio River last week was treated at University Hospital for overdosing on unknown pills, according to police reports.

Are black voters disenfranchised?
        Replacing punch-card voting systems in Ohio with more advanced technology was one of several topics discussed Saturday at a Cincinnati “Think Tank” breakfast.

Boehner talks, listens about Bush school plan
        HAMILTON - Ohio is already meeting many of the provisions called for in President Bush's “No Child Left Behind” proposal for education reform.

Drivers dodging potholes again
        Jerome Kuntz describes the drive from his Alexandria, Ky., home to his Reading job as a game of pothole dodge-ball.

Kentucky Digest
        FLORENCE — The FBI is searching for a man who robbed a Florence branch of Bank One at 9:48 a.m. Saturday.

Local Digest
        A seven-month-old infant died Friday night at Children's Hospital, the victim of an apparent drowning in her home.

Senior center on the way
        INDEPENDENCE — Membership in a popular senior citizens group here is so coveted that residents of this fast-growing city routinely put their names on a waiting list before retirement.

Woman's body found in house after fire
        A Butler County woman was found dead Saturday after the home where she was house-sitting caught fire, authorities said.

Are all grades created equal?
        FORT THOMAS — One of Northern Kentucky's top performing high schools wants to change the way it calculates students' grade-point averages, putting regular and advanced courses on even footing.

Meetings boycotted by clerk
        DEERFIELD TWP. — Deerfield's chief financial officer says she won't go to any more meetings of the township's financial oversight committee until trustees give her clerical help.

Montgomery woman offers quake relief
        Carol Helmick has seen worse. But the Montgomery resident found plenty to do when she joined the American Red Cross' response to the Seattle earthquake on Friday.

Poetry slams attract young fans
        HAMILTON — It's poetry's sporting event, a kind of aerobic word-fest. And it's growing in popularity, particularly among young adults and teens. Butler County's third annual Poetry Slam takes place March 13, and the competition will be stiff.

Scavenger hunt yields donations for Lakota
        WEST CHESTER TOWNSHIP — Every winter students at Adena Elementary School go on a scavenger hunt.

BMV employee accused of bribe
        COLUMBUS — An Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles employee is accused of offering to reinstate a woman's driver's license in exchange for $100.

Judge rules court clerk test is legal
        COVINGTON — A lawsuit last year that challenged a state test for circuit court clerk eligibility has been dismissed by a federal judge.

Part-owner of Argosy Casino fined
        Indiana gaming officials have imposed a $500,000 fine on a part-owner of Lawrenceburg's Argosy Casino riverboat for violating state gaming statutes.

Recycled newsprint goal reached
        COLUMBUS — The Ohio Newspaper Association said Friday that 40.7 percent of the newsprint its members used last year was recycled, narrowly surpassing a goal set with the state.

'S/F blond' seeks suspended sentence
        MOUNT GILEAD, Ohio — A judge has banned a woman from placing personal ads after she stole $157,000 from a 71-year-old man she met through an ad.

Study: Juries refusing to award money
        Juries refused to award any money in more than half of the lawsuits that went to trial in state courts in Northern Kentucky over the past two years, according to a study.

Wilkinson stores move cases to Ky.
        LEXINGTON — Two Lexington companies owned by former Gov. Wallace Wilkinson agreed to move their Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Lexington from Wilmington, Del., where they were filed this week.