Friday, March 02, 2001

Rodger aids Survivor teammate

        A campfire accident on Survivor: The Australian Outback eliminated Michael Skupin of Michigan from the competition Thursday, the first time a contestant was not voted out of the game in a weekly episode.

        Mr. Skupin, 38, a software publisher from Farmington Hills, badly burned his hands after he passed out from smoke inhalation and fell into the fire. He was airlifted by helicopter from the Kucha camp. Teammate Rodger Bingham of Crittenden, Ky., helped carry the stretcher to the helicopter while promising, “I'll keep them in line for you, buddy. Don't you worry.”

        The elimination of Mr. Skupin also shook the rival Ogakor tribe. Now each tribe has five members as the two camps merge in next week's show.

        The episode ended with Mr. Bingham leading his Kucha tribe in prayer for Mr. Skupin. The two men were reunited last month, when Mr. Skupin and his wife visited the Bingham home.


John Kiesewetter


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