Friday, February 23, 2001

'Survivor' Kit: What happened this week

By The Associated Press

        If you missed “Survivor: The Australian Outback” on Thursday, here are the essential developments on CBS' hit adventure-reality show for episode five of the 14-segment series:

        • Voted Off: Kimmi Kappenberg, the vegetarian bartender.

        • Remaining Survivors: Kucha Tribe • Rodger, Jeff, Nick, Elisabeth, Alicia, Michael. Ogakor Tribe • Tina, Colby, Jerri, Keith, Amber.

        • Animal Magnetism: In the almost weekly scene to annoy animal rights activists, the Kucha tribe gleefully massacres a chicken. Gleefully, except for Kimmi, who pays for it by getting ousted.

        • Shouting Match: Alicia goes off on Kimmi after the vegetarian suggests they not kill an animal each day.

        • Quote: “You're getting emotionally attached to the chickens.” • Alicia, shouting at Kimmi.

        • Reward Challenge: Triage. Tribes must build a stretcher and carry teammates through a course. Kucha wins.

        • Rewards: Blankets, spices, shampoo, toothpaste, soup mix.

        • Take a Bath: If whining about the animals wasn't enough, Kimmi annoyed fellow Kucha members with her dirt-caked body. “Some people bathe more than others around here,” Michael says.

        • Fish Guts: Ogakor's Jerri and Keith argue over where to deposit unwanted fish guts.

        • Immunity Challenge: A maze. Ogakor wins, breaking a long losing streak.

        • Nielsen ranking last week: Second place behind “ER,” with an estimated 28.2 million viewers.


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