Monday, February 19, 2001

You asked for it

State will look into I-275 backup

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: Traffic frequently backs up on northbound Interstate 275 between Wards Corner and Loveland-Madeira roads. Mornings, between 6:45 and 7:30, people merging from Wards Corner and the Loveland-Madeira entrance ramps cause congestion. Motorists entering I-275 behind a slow truck struggle up steep grades or switch to the other lanes to get around the trucks, causing others to slam on brakes. Has the Ohio Department of Transportation considered extending the entrance ramp from Loveland-Madeira past the top of the hill? — Tad Wirmel, New Richmond

        Answer: ODOT spokeswoman Kim Patton said Mr. Wirmel's suggestion merits a feasibility study to determine the number of trucks and other slow-moving vehicles affecting traffic flow, and a site review for extending ramps or to see what other alternatives are available to improve the situation. She said that while there is no timetable for the study, it should be completed in several months.

        Q. When turning left from Putz Drive onto Montana Avenue in Northside, a full green light serves as the left-turn signal. Can the green light be replaced with a green arrow? - Meg Hair, Northside

        A. While pedestrian traffic is minimal and there is no painted crosswalk, the law requires an opportunity for pedestrians to cross the street. In this case, the green signal cycle serves that purpose, and allows drivers to turn from Putz, Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said. The only way to circumvent the law is to erect “No Crossing” signs. Because alternate pedestrian crossings are far from this intersection, Mr. Bailey said, the current signal is preferred.
        Q. On U.S. 50, west of the Little Miami River near Milford, there has beena lane closure for about a year now. It appears little progress has been made. Is there an end to this? - David Katkin, Milford

        A. Mrs. Patton said the project has been completed. You Asked For It answers questions about regional history, government, schools and roads. E-mail Include name, neighborhood and phone.


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