Sunday, February 18, 2001

Best and worst of week in sports

        The Enquirer sports department's look at who rated — good and bad — this week in sports:


        1. Kenny Satterfield: Sure, he's struggled in the clutch all year. But Bearcats fans will be plenty happy if he suddenly found himself at Memphis. If he and Steve Logan start playing well together, UC could get over the second-round hump.

        2. UK: A young team on rise. The Wildcats are the last team anybody would want to face in the early rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

        3. Miami: The last team any team would want to face in the early rounds of the MAC Tournament.

        4. Fox: Quickly becoming the sports network. Its NFL coverage was setting the standard shortly after it got the contract. The same seems to be true for NASCAR.

        5. Bob Boone: We like a manager to be involved. Not as much as Ray Knight was involved. But more involved than Jack McKeon. Of course, winning ranks a lot higher than involvement.


        1. Louisville: The president of the university says no decision has been made whether Denny Crum will return to coach next year. But he doesn't say Crum will definitely be back. Nice way to treat a 30-year coach.

        2. Xavier: Two losses to UMass mean another dizzying ride on the NCAA Tournament bubble. Hard to believe the only current player to play in an NCAA game is Maurice McAfee.

        3. UC football: Geez, is there a revolving door on the coaches' office or what? Six assistants have left since the end of the season. The UC football Catch-22: When the Bearcats are successful, the program is a coaching steppingstone; when the Bearcats aren't successful, the program is a coaching graveyard.

        4. IBL-CBA merger: Now you've got one big, bad pro basketball league.

        5. Danny Graves: You won't find a nicer guy in baseball, but to hear him complain about losing an arbitration hearing is lost on those of us who live in the real world. When losing means getting paid $2 million, everyone wants to get in line to take an L.

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