Friday, February 16, 2001

Thrill rides coming for kids

Kings Island adding three this year

By Kevin Aldridge
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Two new rides for kids will debut this season at Paramount's Kings Island in Mason.

        The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure and Rugrats Runaway Reptar roller coaster will anchor a new Nickelodeon Central area this spring, park officials said Thursday.

        The Wild Thornberrys River Adventure, based on the popular Nickelodeon TV series The Wild Thornberrys, seats riders in dugouts — log-shaped boats — and casts them off on a wet and surprise-filled excursion through the wilderness that includes a plunge down a 40-foot waterfall.

[photo] Paramount's Kings Island's new 7th Portal ride combines 3-D animation and motion simulation to give riders a five-minute virtual adventure.
(Paramount's Kings Island photo)
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        The Rugrats Runaway Reptar, the world's first inverted kiddie coaster, suspends riders from the track ski-lift style, and sends them racing along 1,129 feet of track at about 25 mph. The 52-foot-tall steel coaster is Kings Island's fourth kiddie coaster — the most at any amusement park in the world.

        Kings Island's third new addition in 2001 is a three-dimensional superhero adventure ride developed by Stan Lee Media Inc. called The 7th Portal. Located in the park's James Bond 007 action theater, it combines 3-D computer animation and motion simulation technology to transport riders across cyberspace to the dangerous universe of Darkmoor.

        Riders, with 3-D glasses and strapped into motion-based seats that move with action on the movie screen, embark on a five-minute digital adventure to save the Earth from evil Mongorr and his vicious Nullifiers.

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