Sunday, February 11, 2001

Reality Check Recap

        Here's a brief synopsis of who and what developed — or didn't — on recent prime-time reality programsfeaturing Tristate residents. Last week's offerings: The Mole (8 p.m. Tuesday, Channel 9), Temptation Island (9 p.m. Wednesday, Channel 19) and Survivor (8 p.m. Thursday, Channel 12).

        Local ratings

        Mole: Second again to CBS' JAG.

        Temptation: Dropped from third to a distant fourth behind The West Wing, Drew Carey and CBS' Jewel movie.

        Survivor: The 28 rating and 40 percent audience share here was bigger than last week, which was No. 1 in nation.

        Body count:

        Mole: Down to five players (including the Mole) with ouster of Jennifer the California jock.

        Temptation: Only three single women, the guys' “dream dates,” remain. Women pick final dates on next show.

        Survivor: Three down, 12 to go, after Maralyn “Mad Dog” Hershey, 52, a retired police officer, was voted out.


        Mole: Kate Pahls of Columbia Township volunteers for the “Stupid Team” and gets a day of pampering in a luxury hotel; reunited with her son, Andy, 25.

        Temptation: Evan, 28, the actor-model from Cincinnati, goes on his first date in the sixth episode.

        Survivor: The Kucha tribe wins immunity, despite Rodger Bingham of Crittenden, Ky., falling down twice during competition.


        Mole: At the end of the show ABC acknowledges that “due to technical difficulties, extra time was added to the three-routes test.” So they cheated?

        Temptation: Valerie has a rotten time with Evan: “It got to the point where I just didn't want to be here anymore. I didn't want to fake it.”

        Survivor: Tina Wesson votes Maralyn out of the tribe minutes after Maralyn says Tina is her best friend.

        Best mystery

        Mole: Do the Mole contestants realize that host Anderson Cooper is Gloria Vanderbilt's son?

        Temptation: If Andy and Kaya had the hots for Megan, why didn't either pick her for the final “dream date?”

        Survivor: Who came up with the nickname “Kentucky Joe” for Rodger Bingham?

        Best quote

        Mole: “I don't know if she's the Mole. But she could pull it off.” — Andy Pahls, a 1994 Cincinnati Country Day graduate, about his mother.

        Temptation: “Your life is the show right now.” — A producer to Billy, after the producer refused to turn off cameras when Billy requested privacy.

        Survivor: “Some people in the tribe feel we'll be stronger without "Kentucky Joe.' ” — Jeff Varner, former North Carolina cheerleader, about Rodger Bingham.

        Best news for us

        Mole: Finally learned more about players' loved ones.

        Temptation: Pre-empted on Valentine's Day by 1999 Barbra Streisandconcert.

        Survivor: Kucha won immunity, sparing Rodger Bingham for at least a week.

        Big question:

        Mole: Why do they call Jim a “helicopter pilot” instead of an attorney? Why don't they call Kate a pilot or former contractor?

        Temptation: How far will it drop (from No. 12) in weekly Nielsens after being hammered by new West Wing and Drew Carey episodes?

        Survivor: If Michael Skupin is so obsessed about killing a wild pig, why haven't we seen many on the show?

        Our guess

        Mole: After volunteering for the “Stupid Team,” getting a massage and spoiling Jennifer's reunion with her girlfriend, we're more convinced than ever that Kate is the Mole.

        Temptation: Evan will not be selected as a “dream date” and will be sent home.

        Survivor: Bartender Jerri Manthey, the aspiring actress in the blue bikini, will get lots of TV jobs after Survivor.


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