Thursday, February 08, 2001

Reality Check

Bingham's drawbacks make him longshot

        Here's a quick TV survival guide as the Tristate awaits the third episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback (8 p.m. today, Channels 12, 7) featuring Rodger Bingham, the Grant County High School industrial arts teacher from Crittenden, Ky.:

        Goners: Two down, 13 to go. Army intelligence officer Kel Gleason, the 33-year-old Bosnia veteran, was voted out by the Ogakor tribe last Thursday. Each tribe has seven members.

        Betting line: Rodger's fear of heights and inability to swim last week has made him the definite long shot for CBS' $1 million prize. He's last at 20-1 odds posted by, an Internet sports betting site.

        The rest: Keith Famie, 4-1; Tina Wesson, 5-1; Colby Donaldson and Alicia Calaway, 6-1; Nick Brown, 7-1; Michael Skupin and Jerri Manthey, 8-1; Amber Brkich, Kimmi Kappenberg and Elisabeth Filarski, 10-1; Mitchell Olson and Jeff Varner, 12-1; Maralyn Hershey, 15-1.

        Outback snakes: Ogakor members Jerri, Amber and Tina ransack Kel's backpack believing he had a secret stash of beef jerky — before voting him out.

        Quote of the week: “If it goes down, and it doesn't come back up, it's a good meal,” says Maralyn, 52, the retired Washington, D.C., police officer, about the Ogakor's pasty rice cooked by Keith, a gourmet chef.

        Rudy-like moment: Mr. Bingham stays friendly with Michael, the tribe leader who, like Richard Hatch, has had the most success catching fish. “As long as Mike keeps delivering the food, he's going to be a hard one to vote off,” Mr. Bingham says.

        Fashion statement: Jerri's black cowboy hat.

        Tattoo you: No new sightings. Only tattoos so far are on Jeff's chest.

        Big secret: CBS insisted that Rodger, the Northern Kentucky farmer, remove the John Deere logo from his favorite hat so the company would not get free advertising on the top-rated show.

        Sneak peek: Tonight Jerri, a “sucker for cowboys,” gets romantic with Texas native Colby. And Michael's obsession with making a spear prompts Jeff to say: “He's an idiot!”


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