Wednesday, February 07, 2001

The Cincinnati Diet: 4 weeks down

By Peggy O'Farrell
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Life goes on in Fat City.

    Mary Youtsey, 39, of Southgate
   Starting weight: 190 as of Dec. 30
   Weight lost: 13.5 pounds since Jan. 2.
   Sound bite: “I exercised six days this week, and am really getting into it. I actually get excited to do it, instead of dreading it.”

   Tanya Chinn, 47, Springfield Township
   Starting weight: 210 pounds as of Jan. 4.
   Weight lost: 18 pounds.
   Sound bite: “My daughter and her daddy made a cheesecake and gobbled it up so I couldn't eat any.”

   Jerome Manigan, 53, Avondale
   Starting weight: 269 pounds (as of Dec. 30).
   Weight lost: 8.5 pounds
   Sound bite: “I'm going to follow the 1,300-calorie plan, and see how hungry or full I might be.”

        Our weight-loss warriors are continuing their challenge with the Cincinnati Diet. After four weeks of following menu plans, Jerome Manigan, Tanya Chinn and Mary Youtsey are now putting together their own meals and counting out meats, starches, fruits, dairy items and fats as they work toward their weight-goals.

        Mr. Manigan says he's “plodding along” as he continues with the weight-loss plan.

        “I'm very conscious of what my maximum should be,” he says.

        He started out on the 1,800-calorie a day plan, but moved to the 1,300-calorie plan after a week of no weight loss. He'll continue on the lower-calorie plan and see how it goes.

        Mrs. Youtsey also reported good progress, dropping another 2.5 pounds this week.

        She's happy to be planning her own menus, she says. “The food exchanges are getting easy,” she says.

        Ms. Chinn and her “food cop,” daughter Kristena, continue to count out every bite.

        Ms. Chinn says her efforts are going smoothly. “Everything's fine and dandy.”


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