Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Ohio, Indiana narrow two-bit designs

Kentucky confirms quarter's look

By Mike Pulfer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Coming soon to a pocket near you - the Tristate quarters.

        They will spend like real money because they will be real money.

        They will jangle in your pants. They will disappear in the bottom of your purse. If you're hot for a set of 50, they will accumulate as collectibles in your lingerie drawer.

map See quarter designs for Ohio and Indiana.
        The only difference from the quarters we have been carrying: a flip-side design that offers a bit of parochialism and down-home bragging rights. (George Washington refused to move from the opposite surface.)

        First up: the Kentucky version, with icons noteworthy to the commonwealth: a horse, a fence and an old Kentucky home. The coins, to be produced beginning Oct. 1 at Denver and Philadelphia, will go into circulation about Oct. 15.

        Ohio and Indiana have narrowed their design options to four each. Images include an old airplane (Wright Brothers), space suit (Neil Armstrong), light bulb (Thomas Edison), state outline, cardinal (state bird) and the slogans “Spirit of Invention,” “Birthplace of Aviation” and “Buckeye State” for Ohio; and, for Indiana, a basketball player, American Indian Chief Little Turtle, a race car, state outline, cardinal (state bird), 19 stars (it was the 19th state) and the slogan “Crossroads of America.”

        After U.S. Mint officials put their stamp of approval on some or all of the alternatives, the designs will come back to the states — as early as this month, for final selection by the governors' offices.


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