P&G bets on pharmaceuticals
        MASON — Only 20 miles from Procter & Gamble Co.'s world headquarters, the company's future depends on scientists in laboratories overlooking a Warren County cornfield. There, 1,100 employees of P&G Pharmaceuticals are waging a battle to compete in a $220 billion industry with a relatively tiny $850 million company.
P&G's pharmaceutical plan
It all comes back to soap

Report: Delta in merger talks
        A Washington Post article quoting unnamed “industry sources” reported that Delta and Continental airlines have begun preliminary merger talks.

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Business Headlines for  Sunday, February 04, 2001

Taft's mission to Japan paying off
        One year ago, Ohio Gov. Bob Taft was in Japan on his first foreign trade mission, gently prodding Japanese executives in 10 days of meetings and receptions to invest in new facilities in the state.

BYCZKOWSKI: Ohio's needs overwhelm measly budget
        Frankly, I wouldn't want to be Ohio Gov. Bob Taft.

What's the Buzz?
        Greater Cincinnati arts organizations could be the beneficiaries of new dollars and training on how to market themselves this year.

Industry notes: Commercial real estate
        The downtown Cincinnati office market lost more ground than it gained in 2000 for the second consecutive year, according to an analysis released last week by Cincinnati Commercial Realtors.

Couple's shops do the tango
        Two years ago, Mark Dick was looking for a new location for his business. Instead, he and wife, Lea Ann, ended up with a new business.

Be wary before entering partnership
        Sears and Roebuck, Hewlett and Packard, Ben and Jerry. Great partnerships can make great companies. Working with a partner can both help you grow your company and keep your mental health.

New employees need coaching to succeed
        Many businesses are good at hiring talent but poor at managing new employees as they try to master the job, according to Peter Cairo, executive coach and partner of consultant-coaching firm CDR International of Portland, Ore.

Power deregulation put on back burner
        When California started going dark with rolling blackouts, unnerved Oklahoma lawmakers took another look at their state's electrical deregulation plans — and rethought the proposals.

Prunes taste the same with new name
        Prunes by any other name would taste the same. But they might sell better. Plum growers have won permission from the government to start calling prunes “dried plums,” and packages with the new name are showing up in stores.