Sunday, February 4, 2001 -- Volume 6, No. 35

Interest in death led
photographer to morgue

Friends say Thomas Condon is strongly influenced by controversial artist Andres Serrano, whose work includes photos shot in a morgue in Italy.

Success after football
Columnist Paul Daugherty discovered that banished Bengals coach Dave Shula, now president of a steakhouse chain, connects much better with restaurant employees than NFL players.

New kid on drug block
The company's future depends on scientists in laboratories overlooking a Warren County cornfield.

Frampton comes alive
in Cincinnati

When Peter Frampton moved here in June, it may have seemed that the '70s rock superstar was ready to retire. Uh-Uh.

Tickets on sale Monday
The big change this year for the Enquirer Cincinnati Area Pop Music Awards is a move to a larger venue.

Complete local news report

Election to decide one student's fate
City Council stuck in neutral
Can faith and funding mix?
Boutique specializes in retail reptiles
City schools testing budgets
Racial profiling targeted
Black History Month events this week
Collision ties up I-71
Doctor leads cancer battle
Effort to end hill-hopping stymied
New police chief finding his way
'Quiltin' Cousins' display art

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Complete sports report

Xavier 71, George Washington 63
UC 91, DePaul 70
Bowling Green 67, Miami 63
Best and worst of the week in sports
What to call Cinergy's new Wall
Casey will hear arbitration case
Pro Bowl place for offensive stars to shine
Cincinnati boys sectional draw
Elder knocks off Ohio's No. 1 - again
Harrison girls stun No. 1 Mason
Boys basketball coverage
Girls basketball coverage

    • More sports news...

Complete business report

Report: Delta in merger talks
Taft's mission to Japan paying off
Industry notes: Commercial real estate
Couple's shops do the tango
Be wary before entering partnership
What's the Buzz?

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

A spirit of cooking
Not your mother's opera
New book about Cleveland Orchestra
A guide to help make your day

    • More tempo news...

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AP Headlines

Massive Recall of Acetaminophen Underway

AP: Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

Deadly Storm Wipes Out Road at Mt. Hood

1 Dead in Calif. Train Derailment

Houston Landscaper Accused of Bigotry

Army Officer to Be Court-Martialed

Four Plead Guilty in Ore. Ecoterror Case

Army Charges Ex-Sergeant in 3 Killings

Ex-Black Panther's Conviction Questioned

El Nino Expected to Continue Into 2007

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enquirer    .mns
Bronson - Editorial: God in classroom is 'blessing'
Byczkowski - New Economy: Ohio's needs overwhelm measly budget
Campbell - Dining: Jimmy D's the real veal
Crowley - Ky. politics: Garbage bill will get trashed
Daugherty - Everyday: Aw shucks, they can't away our Chucks!
Demaline - Arts: Turning theater from hobby to career
McGurk - Movies: 'Before Night Falls;' "Malena'
Pulfer - Metro:: Culberson attorney has higher aim
Sullivan - Sports: Logan makes UC go
Wilkinson - Politics: It's Phil 'call me country' Heimlich

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