Saturday, February 03, 2001

Ross High teen wins $20,000

17-year-old will use money for school, car

By Sue Kiesewetter
Enquirer Contributor

        MILLVILLE — Carrie Sexton never quite believed the reactions of people she saw win the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes each year.

        Then she got a phone call saying she had won a contest — with her choice of $20,000 cash or a 2001 Ford Mustang.

        “You always make fun of those people,” said Carrie, 17, a Ross High School senior. “But I was crying and laughing and jumping and everyone was laughing and I was so in shock. I don't ever win anything.”

        Last summer when she had her senior pictures taken at Images Photography in Fairfield, Carrie filled out an entry for the “Win a 2001 Ford Mustang” contest sponsored by Senior Photographers International. Then she promptly forgot about the contest.

        But Images owner and photographer David Moss didn't. He pulled Carrie's entry from among those of the nearly 500 seniors, representing a dozen Southwest Ohio high schools, whose graduation pictures he had taken.

        Her ballot was entered with 377 other finalists from studios across the country. It was drawn during the group's Florida convention in December. Carrie received her cash prize Friday night.

        Carrie will use no more than $8,000 of the money to replace her 1984 gas-guzzling Pontiac TransAm with a more practical car, she said. The rest will go toward expenses at Bauder College in Atlanta, where she plans on majoring in fashion design.


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