Saturday, February 03, 2001


Hardee's helps with heat bills

        Eat a breakfast sandwich at one of 12 Hardee's Restaurants in Cincinnati by Feb. 9, and you will help nearly 10,000 households in Hamilton County that need assistance with their heat bills from the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency.

        Hardee's has entered a project with the agency called “Share the Warmth.” Money from purchases of $1 sandwiches during regular breakfast hours, 7 to 10:30 a.m., will be donated to CAA's Home Energy Assistance Program.

        “This will enable us to help low- and fixed-income residents who may have to choose between food, medicine and heat,” said Gwen L. Robinson, CAA's president and chief executive officer.

        Last year, CAA spent $800,000, helping 5,700 families during the heating season. This winter the need is greater, with fuel costs increasing as much as 60 percent over last year.

        Hardee's started the program four years ago in Wisconsin. It has spread to 10 states. Last year, it raised $70,000 in the 10 states through the program.

        “Hardee's saw a need in its communities and sought to assist the communities they operate in,” said Larry Brayman, area marketing director for Hardee's Food Systems Inc. in Indianapolis. “We expect this to be a long-lasting relationship, and that the Share the Warmth program will increase in dollars raised and areas serviced.”

        Amy Hindman, account executive for Jordan Associates in Oklahoma City, which handles public relations for Hardee's, said the program will operate for seven days, ending with walk-in sales Feb. 9.

        “We want each agency to work out with their local restaurants where companies and organizations may order pre-sales, and they will be delivered,” Ms. Hindman said. “We are trying to double the amount we raised last year.”

        For information, call Herbert Walker at CAA, 569-1840.
        WYOMING — Marilyn Braun, director of the Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Project's Community Connections program, has been named a regional winner in the Women at Their Best Awards.

        The awards are sponsored by the Saturn division of General Motors and Glamour magazine.

        “I was flattered and surprised,” Ms. Braun said. “The important thing is that the award carried with it a $500 donation to our Sister City program.”

        Ms. Braun directs the federally funded connections program, which brings professionals from Kharkiv, Ukraine, to Cincinnati to study how their fields function in a democracy.
        SILVERTON — Waterlines and storm sewers on Stewart Road, east of Montgomery Road, will be repaired for $1.4 million.

        “We don't anticipate any traffic tie-ups because the company has agreed to work around the traffic flow,” said David Waltz, municipal administrator. “The entire street will not be closed at any time.”

        The Big Pig Gig has not faded away, according to George Green, a photographer in Avondale. He is making an effort to show the pigs to elderly people who are shut in and couldn't get downtown to see them. Mr. Green has made posters, including all the pigs, that he displays at nursing homes.

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