Thursday, February 01, 2001

Neighbor kids remember Mary

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Mary Hall would have celebrated her 14th birthday today.

        Instead, friends and family members gathered Wednesday night to say farewell outside the long-vacant building in Northside where she was found dead.

[photo] A police cruiser passes the vacant building at Chase and Dane avenues where Mary Hall's body was found.
(Glenn Hartong photo)
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        Workmen renovating the building at Chase and Dane avenues found the girl's body Sunday afternoon. Homicide detectives have charged a 16-year-old with kidnapping and murder in her death.

        In the dark, cold Wednesday night, local school children listened to a prayer for Mary and her family before putting a giant birthday card over the top of the yellow police line. Stuffed animals sat next to lighted candles that had been stuck in the mud.

        Over the top of the message “Police Line: Do Not Cross,” children hung up their drawings and left notes.

        “You are a sweet girl,” one said. “You don't deserve this,” said another. And, “You are one of God's angels.”

        “It's a shame it takes something like this to bring people together,” said Kenneth Saylor, a Northside resident.


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