Thursday, February 01, 2001

Mother of raped boy guilty of child endangering

Jury deadlocks on obstructing-justice charge

By Earnest Winston
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — A Butler County jury Wednesday night convicted a Middletown woman of child endangering but was deadlocked on the obstructing-justice charge in the trial in which she was accused of trying to cover up the sexual crimes committed by her brother against her teen-age son.

        The mother, whom the Enquirer is not naming to protect the boy's identity, faces up to five years in prison on the conviction returned in connection with her brother's rape of her son, which resulted in the boy's contracting AIDS.

        Common Pleas Judge Michael Sage will meet with the prosecuting and defense attorneys before deciding what action to take on the obstructing-justice charge.

        The mother, whose trial began Monday, will be sentenced March 21.

        Asked prior to the verdict whether she would talk to a reporter, the mother declined. “You guys destroyed my family,” said the 38-year-old woman, who testified that she never suspected her brother of raping her son because “my brother is very meticulous about (not spreading) AIDS.”

        Middletown Detective Fredrick Shuemake testified Wednesday that the mother did not want police to talk to her son one night in February 2000 while at a Cincinnati hospital because “she felt it would cause her brother to go over the edge and harm himself.”

        He also testified that during an interview with the uncle — who has been declared a sexual predator — he was told that his sister urged him to run away because the police were searching for him. The uncle told the detective his mother drove him to a hotel in Indiana against his wishes.

        The boy's Middletown grandmother also is charged with obstructing justice. Her trial is scheduled for March.

        The boy, now 14, got AIDS after being assaulted by his uncle several times over a three-year period. The uncle is serving a 20-year prison term for raping the boy.

        The boy is in temporary custody of a maternal aunt and is receiving medical care and counseling.


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