Monday, January 29, 2001

You Asked For It

Court will sort this one out

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: There is a Lifestyle Furniture Truck parked at the front of Hicks Plaza along Ohio 4 in Fairfield. It is not used for deliveries. The furniture company parks it there as an advertising sign. Sometimes vehicles at the light coming off of Magie Avenue at Dixie Highway (Ohio 4) cannot see the southbound traffic on Ohio 4. Can Fairfield have this truck moved? — Pat Rohan, Fairfield

        Answer: Fairfield Law Director John Clemmons said the furniture company has been cited to Fairfield Municipal Court and a summons has been issued to the owner on a charge of keeping an unlicensed vehicle on the lot. The license on the large truck expired in May and it has not been moved from the lot, Mr. Clemmons said. The furniture company, in turn, has sued Fairfield in Butler County Common Pleas Court maintaining the vehicle is a delivery truck with every right to be parked on the lot, Mr. Clemmons said.

        Q. Are there any plans for a traffic light at Shady Lane and Bridgetown Road? George C. Frank, Cleves

        A. The Ohio Department of Transportation, Hamilton County and Green Township are holding discussions about ways to improve this intersection and a study has begun, ODOT spokeswoman Kim Patton said.

        “Installation of a signal, by itself, will not alleviate any congestion,” she said. It is more likely the intersection will require a major improvement, including widening and realignment of lanes. ODOT, the county and township also need to determine the project cost and how much money each will shoulder. A major improvement also will require an environmental impact study and land acquisition.

        Q. At the end of Kenard Avenue at Clifton Avenue in Winton Place, there is a “No Right Turn on Red” sign. I see no reason for it being there. - Marcan Hetteberg, St. Bernard

        A. Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said a Clifton Avenue bridge pier and railing obstruct the view. When visibility is at all restricted, the city is required to prohibit right turns on red.

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