CBS tonight's big winner
        More than two dozen TV commercials will air tonight during Super Bowl XXXV.

Cleaner air vs. cheaper gas
        Now that average temperatures are beginning to creep back up, oil refineries across the nation soon will slow production of home heating oil in favor of building gasoline reserves for the summer driving season.
Get used to higher prices at the pump

Business Headlines for  Sunday, January 28, 2001

Creativity is a key to success
        Ask Bill Molloy a question about his business, and you'll get a wealth of advice and explanation in return. The president of Mohawk Machinery Inc. is totally focused on the realities of making a living selling used machines.

        Last summer, the flavor-of-the-month business plan among technology startups was ASP, or “application service provider.” In theory is makes so much sense it was impossible to see how it could fail.

What's the Buzz?
        Two executives who grew up on Cincinnati's west side — a Panther and a Mustang — teamed up to bring Fifth Third Bancorp and Old Kent Financial Corp. together.