Monday, January 22, 2001

You asked for it

No change for turn at Bennett

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: It is nearly impossible, when heading west on Bennett Road in Anderson Township, to make a left turn onto Dunwoodie Drive. Eastbound traffic on Bennett is not visible because of a hill and curve at the intersection resulting in a blind turn. - John Tekulve, Anderson Township

        Answer: Tom Langenbrunner, of the Hamilton County engineer's office, said the county conducted a three-year accident review — 1997 through 1999 — at the intersection and there were no
reported accidents. A traffic volume study also has been completed and the number of vehicles is below the requirements for stop signs. No changes are planned.

        Q. There are two places along Colerain Avenue that cause motorists significant problems as they attempt to access the busy road. Turning left onto Colerain Avenue, heading north to Interstate 275, out of the Northgate Mall parking lot is very difficult; and, turning left onto Colerain north of Galbraith Road from the parking lot serving Michael's, Service Merchandise, Bill Knapp's and other businesses poses a major problem. Can traffic signals be added at these locations? - Meg Hair, Northside

        A. Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said Colerain (US 27) is among the busiest roads in the Tristate and signals at both of these locations would significantly affect traffic flow on the road resulting in even more traffic snarls.

        There are existing signalized exits from Northgate Mall and motorists are encouraged to use them for left turns out of the parking lot.

        Q. When are left-turn signals going to be installed at at Tylersville Road and Ohio 747? With more traffic, the number of near accidents has dangerously increased. - Ron Lains, Fairfield

        A. Mrs. Patton said ODOT has ordered that new traffic counts be completed at this intersection within the next month.

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