Monday, January 22, 2001

Family opens home to 'unadoptables'

By Michael D. Clark
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP — Kathy and Scott Rosenow recently returned from halfway around the world with a precious human cargo others have chosen to ignore.

        The Rosenows, of Fairfield Township, are settling in with their expanding adoptive family after bringing home a blind boy from Bolivia, and a little girl with deformed feet from China.

        That raises the total of children in their family to nine: five foreign-born children, all with various physical or mental disabilities, and their four biological children, two of whom have birth defects.

        It's a faith-born crusade for the Rosenows to give so-called “unadoptable” children a safe, loving home. Though it costs $17,000 to $30,000 for each foreign adoption, and abundant patience to wade through laborious, foreign adoption procedures, the Rosenows bear such burdens with good will and deep faith.

        Mrs. Rosenow said the two newest additions to their family have already added to its emotional bond. She said 2 1/2-year-old Robyn from China has deformed feet and will need surgery. She was abandoned by her biological family a year ago.

        “The workers at the Chinese orphanage told us the she was so affected by the trauma of being left alone that she had rarely uttered a sound or gone outside of the orphanage,” Mrs. Rosenow said.

        “But if you could see the giggly, bouncy, glowing little girl in our home now, you would never guess she could be the same screaming, fighting, terrified child that was placed into our arms. It's like watching a butterfly emerge a little more each day.”

        The Bolivian boy, Colin, is the same age and has also blossomed under the Rosenows' loving roof. Though blind from a degenerative eye disease, he is also becoming part of the family.

        “He is a wonderful, strong and brave little boy packed with motivation and intelligence,” Mrs. Rosenow said.

        Dain Jepson, director of Back 2 Back Ministries in Mason, which assists in fund raising and adoption for the Rosenows, said “their family has a tremendous heart.”

        Donations through local and national Christian groups help pay for the Rosenows' travel and surgeries. They have created a ministry and nonprofit organization — Shepherd's Crook — to better handle donations and deal with the many government agencies that have to approve each adoption. Neighbors and members of the family's church — North Cincinnati Community Church in Mason — also help when they can.

        Those interested in contributing to an adoption fund for the Rosenows can send tax-deductible donations to: Back 2 Back Ministries Inc., Box 70, Mason, OH 45040. Designate donations to Shepherd's Crook or Account No. 46.

        A number of Tristate agencies assist with foreign adoptions. Information for first-time adoptions can be obtained through the Adoption Awareness Alliance at (513) 771-5353.


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