Sunday, January 21, 2001

OSU cop fired for running pornographic Web site

The Associated Press

        COLUMBUS — Ohio State has fired a university police captain for running a pornographic Web site.

        University spokeswoman Elizabeth Conlisk said David Stelzer, a 22-year employee, was fired after a disciplinary hearing Friday.

        He was given a letter stating the reasons for his dismissal, including failing to tell the university about his Web site and the use of university resources to further his personal business.

        The policy manual for OSU police allows officers to do outside work as long as it does not “bring the department into disrepute.”

        “He had pornographic images on his computer at work,” Ms. Conlisk said. “The overwhelming majority of the people who worked in this small shop of colleagues were not comfortable that they could continue to work if he remained in a leadership position.”

        When questioned about the images, Mr. Stelzer denied having put them in the computer, OSU said.

        Mr. Stelzer, 45, said that he plans to appeal the university's decision. He had been on paid leave since Dec. 28, when university officials began their investigation. His Web site has been shut down.

        OSU also accused Mr. Stelzer of selling law-enforcement supplies from a company he owned to the OSU Police Department, Ms. Con lisk said.

        OSU found receipts from items sold to its police department from a company owned by Mr. Stelzer called TRG, which stands for Tactical Resource Group, she said. “They were not huge, they were not hundreds of thousands of dollars or anything. But there was some evidence his company was doing business with the university, which again was a violation of university policy,” Ms. Conlisk said.


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