Mariemont grandmother could be perfect 'Mole'
        Could Kate Pahls be The Mole? Some of her fellow contestants on ABC's adventure game show think the 55-year-old grandmother could be the “Mole,” or the double-crosser who is subverting their efforts to amass a $1 million payoff for the nine-week reality series.

Tristate tips scales
        Greater Cincinnatians are among the fattest in the nation, a fact fueling thousands of New Year's resolutions to diet — once again. We can help.
The Cincinnati Diet: A four-week plan for losing weight

Tempo Headlines for  Monday, January 15, 2001

TV movie a dream for Cincinnati writer
        PASADENA, Calif. — While hundreds, if not thousands, of writers out here struggling to get their scripts produced, a Cincinnati woman has had her dream come true on her second try.

Trip to Honduras proves mothers' spirit universal
        As I sit in my kitchen, their words still echo in my mind. “If it is better for the children, it is worth the extra work.”

Ask a Stupid Question
        Question: Why do all tornadoes, hurricanes and whirlpools in the water rotate counter-clockwise? And while you're at it, what's the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon?

Get your heart pumping
        True or false: Running a block for the bus each morning is considered an aerobic activity.

Pick a fitness plan that's right for you
        Question: I have a history of real trouble sticking to my New Year's fitness resolution. Any ideas?

Get to It
        A guide to help make your day.

'Last Dance' steps into No. 1 spot
        LOS ANGELES — A desert island gave way to a crowded dance floor as the hip-hop flick Save the Last Dance bumped Cast Away from the top spot at the movie box office.

Lumet returns to TV
        NEW YORK — When Sidney Lumet began his directing career at CBS a half-century ago, television was even younger than he was.