Monday, January 15, 2001

Fired officer reinstated to desk job

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A Cincinnati police officer who got his job back last week after being fired was back at work Friday, but at a desk job.

        Officer Robert Hill III is assigned to the police division's telephone crime reporting unit, a decision by Chief Tom Streicher.

        Chief Streicher said last week that in spite of the arbitrator's decision that returned Officer Hill to the force, the chief still thinks the officer's conduct was inappropriate.

        Officer Hill was fired last summer after taking Robert Wittenberg, then 68, of Silverton to the floor at a convenience store in Madisonville in September 1999.

        Officials later learned Mr. Wittenberg was an Alzheimer's patient who wandered away from his Silverton home.

        The arbitrator ruled for Officer Hill because he said the dispatcher who sent him to the scene embellished the situation, making the officer think he was headed to the scene of an intoxicated suspect threatening people in the store.


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