Monday, January 01, 2001

What's In & What's Out

By Tom O'Neill
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        A lot of people, places and orange barrels got caught in the shifting landscape of who's in and who's out for 2001.

        The 36-year tradition of an all-Republican Hamilton County board of commissioners tumbled down, burying Bob Bedinghaus in the debris. So did much of the outfield stands at Cinergy Field. Neither process looked as radiant as Heather French, the University of Cincinnati graduate who began 2000 as Miss America and ended the year as the pregnant wife of Kentucky's lieutenant governor.

        Procter & Gamble culminated its roller coaster of a year by naming a new president and CEO. Meanwhile, Kings Island sued the company that built embattled roller coaster Son of Beast.

        Orange barrels were finally taken out of downtown Cincinnati when Fort Washington Way was completed, though, in a Shakespearean twist of tragic fate, orange barrels remained in virtually every other place.

       Will 2001 be just as interesting?

       Yeah, right. When pigs fly.

Todd Portune Bob Bedinghaus Councilman becomes commissioner.
John Cranley Todd Portune Rookie lawyer becomes councilman.
American Girl doll Kitt Kittredge The Todd Portune doll Cincinnati history doll's a sell-out; ad campaign's not.
Bass Pro Shop Nordstrom Cincinnati's just a Bass Pro Shop kinda town.
A.G. Lafley Durk Jager P&G's bottom line: Fear of stocks bottoming out
Pigs Pigs Fiberglass or roasted, no matter. We still love 'em.
Great American Ball Park Cinergy Field A Rose by any other name ...
Scott Mitchell Akili Smith Quarterback controversy gives Mike Brown controversy a break.
Bill "Chad Lad" Hemmer Norma Rashid The Cincinnatian sparkled from Florida's Election Coast on CNN.
Paavo Jarvi Jesus Lopez-Cobos We just like to say Paavo at the CSO.
Giving up on Bengals Complaining about Bengals Jaws of long-suffering risk repetitive stress syndrome.
Aioli and the Promontory Petersens The Petersens close restaurants.
WNKU WNOP Radio Free Newport didn't pay.
Rookwood Commons Nordstrom Cincinnati's just a Rookwood Commons kinda town.
Dennis Miller Boomer Esiason Boomer short on obscure literary references.
Cookie dough-chocolate chip Macadamia nut-brittle It was for the Graeter good.
Cintas Center Cincinnati Gardens X marks a new spot.
Fort Washington Way Rhapsody Orange Barrel Polka Riverfront music to our ears.
Web-site traffic Web-site profits Wasn't the Web supposed to be free?
Aeropostale Nordstrom Cincinnati's just an Aeropostale kinda town.
New Millennium Clermont County's Bicentennial Time flies.

- What's In & What's Out
Peace Bell rings in its second new year
Portune vows to get a grip on county spending
14 frozen days equal icy record
Hoff era comes to a close at Xavier
Redistricting will help Chabot
People, issues to watch in 2001
Era of alignment for number wonks
Cincinnati has plenty of No. 1's
Ohio Assembly has fresh faces, new priorities
Ky. Assembly will make history
Legislature's first order of business - politics
Blood center promotes replacement drives
Local Digest
Monument restored, ready for another century
Northside woman dies in blaze at residence
Obituary: Sister Mary Jacinta Shay
Schools step up teacher recruiting
Senior housing project set to go
You asked for it