Monday, January 01, 2001

Era of alignment for number wonks

        This holiday season, I sent out my annual letter to kith and kin a couple of weeks late — just so I could date it 01/01/01. I just think it looks so cool that way.

        The arrival of a new century will bring a host of dates with similar panache: 01/02/03, 02/04/06, etc. I'm one of the weird people who find such things fun.

        Anyone else remember 8/8/88?

        Just because of that oh-so-symmetrical alignment of numbers, people from around the world descended on the previously little-known town of Eighty Eight, Ky. It seemed just the place to be on that particular Monday.

        Media from all over descended as well. The little spot in the south-central Commonwealth, just up the road from Summer Shade, was famous, for a day.

        It got better.

        At 8:08 p.m. local time on 8/8/88, Princess Beatrice was born to Sarah Ferguson (then the Duchess of York) and Prince Andrew of Britain (still Prince Andrew of Britain).

        Does this little girl have one of the greatest birthdays around, or what? Alas, she's currently fifth in line for the throne — not eighth.

        I remember these things because I was putting stories in the newspaper about them.

        I also remember 12:34:56 on 7/8/90 as being a big deal among certain people. I found it amusing but not particularly impressive. It's a safe bet it was just another day, again.

        So what other such numerical nonsense is coming up with the arrival of the new century? For silly people like me, plenty.

        Soon, for one, will be 3/2/01. Further out, I like the looks of 10/10/10 — more than, say, 5/5/05. And there'll also be 1/23/45 (and then 12/3/45).

        But then, for those who have already lived the better part of a century, you might shrug and say you've been there, done that.
        —Bruce Holtgren


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