Monday, January 01, 2001

Cincinnati has plenty of No. 1's

From hit songs to new zoo animals

The Cincinnati Enquirer

        It's an unusual convergence of numbers today — the date is 01/01/01 — worthy of special attention, coming along only every 100 years as it does.

        We went looking for the weird and one-derful roles the number one plays in Greater Cincinnati lore and found a plethora of things you must be dying to know. Count 'em:

        1. Give Me Just One Night (Una Nocha)” — hit song by pop boy-band and Cincinnati natives 98 Degrees.

        2. No. 1 acne treatment: Clearasil, a brand Procter & Gamble in October agreed to sell for $340 million cash to the United Kingdom's largest drugstore chain.

        3. Cincinnati is No. 1 for cities with ... lowest bankruptcy rates, ranked by Dun & Bradstreet and Entrepreneur Magazine.

        4. Lead headline on the Jan. 1, 1901 Enquirer: “Twentieth Century Welcomed In The United States.”

        5. Top dogs: The Big Pig Gig exhibit was No. 1 in corporate sponsorships, artist participation and public reaction for any American city sponsoring outdoor art exhibits — including horses, moose and lizards.

        6. World's first baseball club: Red Stockings, organized in Cincinnati in 1869.

        7. First among Reds: Former Cincinnati Reds Manager Fred Hutchinson's No. 1 jersey was retired — the first number ever retired by the Reds.

        8. No. 1 Tristate convention in 2000: 20,000 people at July 5-12 African Methodist Episcopal Church national conference.

        9. One is the loneliest number: Cincinnati Zoo added 77 new mammals in 2000, but many didn't come with partners — including a black rhinoceros, an Angolan colobus monkey, a ruffed lemur, a Dexter cow, a blue sheep and one Tasmanian devil.

        10. One celery stalk, 1 1/4 ounce vodka, V8 juice, dash celery salt, Worcestershire and Tabasco, dash horseradish and black pepper. Garnish with a lime. Happy New Year's!

        Source: Enquirer research.


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