Workplace will continue to evolve in 2001
        Eileene Evans deals with two sets of customers as the operations vice president at Advanced Office Systems in Sharonville: external customers (those who pay the bills) and internal customers (those who run the company and used to be called “employees”). And she works to balance the needs of both groups.
The year 2000 in business

Signing bonuses? Not anymore
        When a new year last dawned, companies were scrambling for workers. They offered signing bonuses, staying bonuses, general principal bonuses, stock options and the moon and stars to anybody with a pulse to come onboard. As 2001 unfolds, don't look for those days to return.

Business Headlines for  Monday, January 01, 2001

ECKBERG: Staff likes working from home
        Companies considering whether to allow workers to labor from the dungeon of a basement office or a dusty back bedroom should ponder no more.

Variety, good visuals can improve presentations
        Question: As a director of product development, I am required to make frequent presentations that pitch new products. I usually stick to the same template and format, but because I often present to the same senior management team, I want to differentiate my presentations to distinguish each product and avoid boring them. How can I go about accomplishing this? — James.

Promotions & new on the job
        David Hartman has been named president of the newly-created flooring division of Formica Corp.