Sunday, December 31, 2000

Store robber took too much, gave change

The Associated Press

        TOLEDO — A man accused of robbing a convenience store gave back $10 when he found he took more than he needed, police say.

        Christopher Kurtz, of Temperance, Mich., was charged with robbery Friday and is being held without bond in the Lucas County jail.

        Police said Mr. Kurtz, 43, entered the Sunset Carry Out early Friday and asked clerk Megan Ochmanek for two $20 bills.

        When she hesitated, he reached behind his back, told her not to try anything and to give him the $40.

        Ms. Ochmanek handed him one $20 bill and he grabbed three $10 bills from the cash register, counted them and handed one back.

        “He said, "I only wanted $40.' Then he walked out very slowly as if he hadn't done anything wrong. He didn't say what the money was for,” said store manager Molly Fox.

        Ms. Ochmanek and another clerk got the license plate number of Mr. Kurtz's car.

        Police found the car and followed footprints to a house, where he was arrested, Detective Sgt. Tim Noble said.

        Police said they didn't find any weapons on him.


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