Sunday, December 24, 2000

Xmas wish list

He knows who's been good, bad

        Ho, ho, ho! Time for the annual list of Christmas gifts and wishes for some deserving Northern Kentucky pols.

        Sorry, no refunds or exchanges. You must take what you get.

        Steve “Scrooge” Clark. The Villa Hills mayor gets a lump of coal for giving city attorney Lawson Walker, who has served the city for 20 years, the boot a week before Christmas.

        Not that Mr. Walker needs the dough, but the timing stinks like a Christmas ham left out of the fridge way after the holidays.

        The mayor better be ready for a visit from the three ghosts tonight.

        And save your Bible verses, Scrooge Clark; that won't work on those cats.

        Jimmy Williams. If only more Democrats in Kenton County had his passion and zeal, then maybe the party would be holding more seats right now.

        Jimmy, who has a slight mental disability but who works every day and never misses a party function, ran an unsuccessful campaign for Covington city commissioner this fall. For his enthusiasm and originality, he gets a Beanie Baby (he collects them) for every vote he won.

        No candidate probably ever appreciated 18 votes more than Jimmy did on election night.

        Kentucky state lawmakers. Looks like we are going to have another legislative session early next year featuring legislation — including a bill filed by Democratic floor leader Greg Stumbo of eastern Kentucky — allowing the 10 Commandments to be posted and taught in schools.

        So here is a big wrapped package of perspective for the gang in Frankfort. Kentucky residents want their auto taxes cut, new and updated school buildings for growing areas of Northern Kentucky, better roads and other vital services.

        Keep the commandments where they belong — in church.

        Bobby Crittendon. The Dayton mayor gets an autographed picture of Bill Clinton, a Christmas card from former Williamstown Mayor Bob Jones and a gift membership to the “We've Been Impeached” club.

        Alex Edmondson and Craig Bohman. The election of these twentysomethings to Covington City Commission was one of the better political stories of 2000.

        For that we give them the following gifts: New,tough skins to take the heat from residents, fellow commissioners, political opponents and reporters; a directive to keep the idealism and passion both displayed on the campaign trail; and a shield to deflect attempts at drawing the pair into the back-room dealings usually associated with Covington City Hall.

        Chuck “Grinch” Korzenborn. The Kenton County sheriff gets a new system for tracking the bad guys — one that doesn't end up with grandmas in the big house.

        A recent sting operated by the sheriff's office resulted in the arrests of 73 people wanted on outstanding warrants. Among them was Toby Jones, a 74-year-old grandma who has been paying restitution on a misdemeanor charge of welfare fraud for four years.

        Kenton County Circuit Court Judge Steve Jaeger issued an order saying Mrs. Jones should never have been included in the sting. No kidding.

        Sheriff Korzenborn deserves lots of credit for trying to elevate the office by aggressively enforcing laws. But sheriff, be a little more careful and lay off grandma at Christmas. Or, when the three ghosts get done with Scrooge Clark, they'll be by for a piece of you.

       Patrick Crowley covers politics . He can be reached at 578-5581, or by e-mail at Pcrowley9


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