Monday, December 18, 2000

You asked for it

Lights can't be repaired

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: At the interchange at Ohio 32 and Eastgate Boulevard, overhead street lights are never illuminated. Only the lights from merchants parking lots light this area. Will these lights be fixed? - W.C. Belmont, Union Township, Clermont County

        Answer: Clermont County Engineer Carl Hartman said the lights, which were installed about 10 years ago and have not performed up to standards, cannot be repaired. The entire lighting system needs to be replaced at a cost of about
$200,000. Mr. Hartman said the new system is expected to be funded in the county's five-year capital improvement budget.
        Q. Dewey Avenue between Gilsey and Heyward avenues in Price Hill is in bad shape. When will it be resurfaced? - Edward W. Rowland, Price Hill

        A. John Deatrick of Cincinnati's department of transportation and engineering said Dewey is not listed on the city's two-year street rehabilitation program. It will be considered for the next program — projects three years away. Meanwhile, Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said the street has been surveyed with potholes and other problems repaired. Until a full rehabilitation is completed, residents should call the city's hot line, 591-6000, to report problems.

        Q. Why do road markings on a section of Willey Road just west of Crosby Road prohibit passing? The speed limit is 35 mph with a double yellow line and there is about a half mile of clear straightaway. Farm vehicles use this road, and you can't pass them. - John Fischer, Morgan Township, Butler County

        A. Tom Langenbrunner, of the Hamilton County engineer's office, said lack of a berm and level shoulders on both side of the road pose a hazard if passing were permitted, particularly at night. Even with optimum conditions, at least 1,000 feet of sight distance is required to allow passing, he said. No changes are planned.

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