Saturday, December 16, 2000

New Hustler store opens 9 hours late

By Steve Kemme
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        MONROE — On its opening day of business, the Flynt brothers' Hustler Hollywood adult entertainment store appeared to have everything going for it.

        A horde of customers patiently waited outside in the cold for the doors to open Friday morning, and a host of TV and newspaper reporters showed up.

        But store manager Jimmy Flynt ran into some glitches that pushed its scheduled 9 a.m. opening to 6 p.m.

[photo] Hally Steele of Middletown prays at a curb outside the Hustler Hollywood store in Monroe. Behind her, a counter-protester carries a sign saying, “Down with Hypocrites.”
(Michael Snyder photo)
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        Its computer system developed problems, and hours after the store was supposed to open, employees were still stocking shelves.

        Opening day of the long-anticipated store on Ohio 63 near Interstate 75 in Monroe drew supporters and detractors.

        At 11 a.m., about 30 customers waited outside the store. A little later, 13 anti-pornography protesters stood in a circle holding hands and praying in the cul-de-sac in front of the store.

        The Hustler store is next to Bristol Show Club and Revue, an adult entertainment bar.

        “We're opposed to pornography and obscenity,” said Terry Ball, pastor of the First Church of God in Monroe. “Pornography is not victimless.”

        Mr. Ball and Phil Burress, president of Citizens for Community Values, said they hope anti-pornography protesters maintain a continuing presence at the Hustler site.

        Mr. Burress said his group plans to hand out pamphlets telling men how to break the grip of pornography on their lives.

        Mr. Flynt shrugged off the protesters. “I don't think the protesters will have any effect on us at all,” he said.

        John Boggess, of Morrow, said he came to the store Friday morning out of curiosity and to show his support for the First Amendment.

        “I just want to check out the stuff he's got here,” he said. “All the protesters are doing is bringing in more business for the store.”

        This is the second local store opened by Jimmy Flynt and his brother, Larry, the publisher of Hustler magazine.

        It's the first large-scale expansion of the Hollywood, Calif., adult store.

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