Thursday, December 14, 2000

Where Olympic events would be held

        The events of the 2012 Olympiad would be held in the following venues if Cincinnati is picked to host the Games. This list does not include Cincinnati's city streets, which would used during several events such as marathon and race walk. (Map of proposed venues)


        The Olympic Stadium
        • Status: Proposed facility.
        • Events: Opening and closing ceremonies. All track and field events, along with being the start/finish line for racewalk, marathon and more.
        • Seating: 15,000 permanent seats; 65,000 temporary seats.

        Paul Brown Stadium
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Soccer medal rounds.
        • Seating: 65,000.

        Great American Ball Park
        • Status: Under construction.
        • Events: Baseball medal rounds
        • Seating: 42,000.

        Firstar Center
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Indoor volleyball.
        • Seating: 16,000.

        University of Cincinnati Aquatics Center
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Swimming, diving and synchronized swimming.
        • Seating: 3,000 permanent; 12,000 temporary.

        UC Nippert Stadium
        • Status: Existing, but with a proposed dome.
        • Events: Artistic gymnastics; medal rounds of basketball.
        • Seating: 28,000 permanent seats; 8,000 temporary seats.

        UC Shoemaker Center
       • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Preliminary rounds of indoor volleyball.
        • Seating: 13,000.

        ATP Tennis Center
       • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Tennis.
        • Seating: 10,000 at Court 1.

        Harsha Lake, East Fort State Park
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: rowing and canoe/kayak sprint.
        • Seating: 14,500 temporary seats.

        Princeton High School Athletic Complex
        • Status: Two proposed facilities.
        • Events: Cycling, archery.
        • Seating: Archery, 8,000 temporary seats; cycling, 6,300 temporary seats.

        Cincinnati Gardens
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Team handball.
        • Seating: 10,200 permanent seats.

        Cincinnati Shooting Venue
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Shooting.
        • Seating: 6,200 temporary seats and major construction to build the facility at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department range.

        Kings Island
        • Status: Two proposed venues.
        • Events: Canoe/kayak (whitewater) and mountain bike.
        • Seating: 2,500 temporary seats and course admission of 27,500.

        Sawyer Point Beach Volleyball Stadium
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Beach volleyball.
        • Seating: 15,000 temporary seats.

        Cintas Center
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Badminton, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline.
        • Seating: 18,900 permanent seats.

        Yeatman's Cove Stadium
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Triathlon.
        • Seating: Estimated 150,000 along course route.

        Northern Kentucky University Aquatics Center
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Water polo.
        • Seating: 5,000 temporary seats.

        DAYTON - OXFORD:

        Centerville Stadium
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Field hockey preliminary rounds.
        • Seating: 8,000 permanent seats.

        Welcome Stadium
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Field hockey medal rounds.
        • Seating: 11,000 permanent seats; 4,000 temporary seats.

        Moraine Softball Park
        • Status: Proposed.
        • Events: Softball.
        • Seating: 3,000 permanent seats; 12,000 temporary seats.

        Miami University Millett Hall
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: preliminary rounds of team handball.
        • Seating: 10,000 permanent seats.

        Wright State University Nutter Center
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: weightlifting.
        • Seating: 12,000 permanent seats.


        Greater Columbus Convention Center
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Fencing and table tennis.
        • Seating: 7,500 temporary seats.

        Nationwide Arena
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Taekwondo and judo.
        • Seating: 19,000 permanent seats. p>         Value City Schottenstein Arena
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Wrestling (Greco Roman and freestyle).
        • Seating: 19,500 permanent seats.


        Jacobs Field
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Preliminary rounds of baseball.
        • Seating: 45,000 permanent seats.

        Lake Erie Sailing Center
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Sailing.
        • Seating: Possible viewing ship for the public; private boats admitted.


        Kentucky Horse Park
       • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Equestrian 3-day event.
        • Seating: 30,000 temporary seats.

        Rupp Arena
       • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Preliminary rounds of basketball.
        • Seating: 23,000 temporary seats.

        Commonwealth Stadium
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Equestrian jumping and dressage.
        • Seating: 68,000 permanent seats.

        Memorial Hall
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: preliminary rounds of basketball.
        • Seating: 8,000 permanent seats.

        Nutter Fieldhouse
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Modern pentathlon.

        University of Kentucky pool
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Modern pentathlon.


        Freedom Hall
        • Status: Existing.
        • Events: Boxing.
        • Seating: 18,900 permanent seats.

        City submits Olympic bid
- Where Olympic events would be held
Map of proposed venues
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