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Sen. Allen Concedes Defeat in Virginia

Iowa Gov. Vilsack Running for President

Sen. Burns Concedes Montana Race

Bolton Unlikely to Win Senate Approval

Bush, Pelosi Hold White House Talks

Gridlock Need Not Be Inevitable for Bush

Still Work Ahead for Lame-Duck Congress

Democrats, Newly in Majority, Face Tests

Pelosi's Hometown Disputes Liberal Image

Recount Likely in Harris' House District

Local voters just glad it's over
        On the final day of an extraordinary election, area supporters of both presidential candidates finally found something to agree on.

Lawmakers talk conciliation
        George W. Bush's contorted route to the White House could muddle his authority with Congress, but many lawmakers believe the nation is eager for politicians on all sides to come together on its behalf.

Ohio could reap the spoils
        Ohio Republicans will soon find out if the old saw of politics is true — that to the victor belongs the spoils.

Tristate Republicans could win appointments
        Some Tristate Republicans who travel to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the inauguration won't be buying a return ticket.

Kentuckians see friend in Bush
        Kentucky Republicans are looking forward to having a friend in the White House.

Tristate scholars consider lessons, impact
        History will focus more on Congress' response to the historic presidential election than on the winner, predicts Michael Thomson, a Northern Kentucky University political scientist.

The Impact of a Bush Presidency
        Enquirer reporters analyze what to expect on key issues in the next four years:
Health Care
Social Security

Bush's tax cut equation complex
        Work on the tax cuts he promised during the campaign began two weeks ago.

Market surge unlikely
        A stock market battered in part by presidential uncertainty is not guaranteed to recover now - at least not according to history.

Bush electors in the Tristate
        The 21 Ohio electors pledged to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will convene at noon Monday in the Senate chambers in Columbus to cast their ballots for president and vice president.

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Portune KO's Bedinghaus
Todd Portune ousted Bob Bedinghaus to become the first Democrat to win a seat on the Hamilton County Commission in 36 years.

Cincinnati school levy passes
“We now have a community that is behind us and supports what we're doing, and that feels incredible,” said school board president Rick Williams.

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