Monday, December 11, 2000

You asked for it

.5 State signs point out fastest way

By Walt Schaefer
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Question: Going west on Interstate 275 toward Ronald Reagan Highway, there aren't any signs that tell the highway is Ohio 126. Why? - Andrew Thompson, Wyoming

        Answer: When preparing directional signs used primarily to lead out-of-town motorists from one major route to another, Ohio uses the shortest and most direct route between the roads, said Kim Patton, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Transportation. In this case, the Blue Rock Road connector signage on I-275 includes Ohio 126 and Ronald Reagan Highway, she said. It is the preferred route between the two highways instead of directing traffic onto Colerain Avenue to Ronald Reagan.

        Q. The westbound ramp from Interstate 275 to Ohio 32 at the
Newtown exit does not have a yield sign. Most drivers are cautious enough to pay attention and look for oncoming traffic, but with the heavy traffic in the afternoon, it becomes dangerous. I remember there previously being one. Will it be replaced? - Connie Hughes, Union Township, Clermont County

        A. Mrs. Patton said state traffic engineers reviewed this situation and determined it is better to continue allowing motorists to merge. A yield sign would result in motorists stopping and increase rear-end collisions; and motorists stopping to heed the “yield” likely would result in traffic backing up onto the interstate.

        Q. Why are there no directional signs along Ohio 4 between Middletown and Hamilton directing traffic to the new Michael A. Fox Highway (Ohio 129) by using Bypass Ohio 4? - Marianna Wells, Liberty Township

        A. Mrs. Patton said standard ODOT policy permits directional signage only within a reasonable distance of highway junctions. Ohio 4 at Bypass Ohio 4 is too far from the Michael A. Fox Highway to justify a sign.
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