Sunday, December 03, 2000

Where to get help for troubled youths

        More than 50 government, charitable and private agencies offer services to children with mental illness or substance addiction problems. This list does not provide office listings of individual psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers, which can be obtained from a phone book or by calling referral services listed below:

        • Alcoholism Council of the Cincinnati Area: Provides outpatient intervention services including programs for youths. 281-7880.

        • Butler County Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board: Provides information, referrals and support for substance abuse treatment in Butler County: 867-0777.

        • Butler County Mental Health Board: Provides support and referrals to services in Butler County. 860-9240.

        • CRI: Provides programs, case management, housing support and vocational training. 569-4720.

        • Cancer Family Care: Provides mental health services for people facing life-threatening illness. 731-3346.

        • Cape Inc. Social Club: A social service for people with mental illness. 281-4956.

        • Catholic Social Services of Northern Kentucky: Provides substance abuse, housing and social counseling services. 581-8974.

        • Center for Children and Families: Offers outpatient counseling for children on a sliding fee scale. 221-4673.

        • Central Clinic: Provides child and adult mental health services. 558-5823.

        • Central Community Health Board: Supports and provides education and counseling services. 559-2000.

        • Child Focus Inc.: Offers mental health services for children and adults. 732-5432.

        • Children and Parents Together Inc.: Provides child abuse counseling and prevention programs. 732-6673.

        • Christ Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Service: Offers care for eating disorders, substance abuse and day-treatment mental health counseling programs. 554-3817.

        • Clermont Counseling Center: Offers counseling for mental illness, domestic violence and other problems. 248-0421.

        • Clermont County Family and Children First: Offers a range of physical safety and mental health services. 753-3010.

        • Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board: Supports a range of services for mental health and substance abuse. 732-5400.

        • Clermont Recovery Center: Offers chemical dependency care. 735-8100.

        • Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychology: Trade association for more than 110 area psychologists provides an information and referral service: 779-2181.

        • Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute: Provides counseling services to children and adults. 961-8886.

        • Consumer Network: An advocacy and education group for people with mental illness. 931-9276.

        • Core Behavioral Health Centers: Provides psychotherapy, case management and other services. 541-7577.

        • Drug And Poison Information Center: Offers neighborhood-based programs for youths and information and crisis intervention hot lines. Business office: 636-5063. 24-hour hot line: 558-5111.

        • Family Service of the Cincinnati Area: Offers family counseling, life skills and credit counseling and other services. 345-8555.

        • Family Services of Northern Kentucky: Offers individual and group therapy for sexual abuse, domestic violence and anger management. 291-1121.

        • GLAD (Giving Life A Dream) House's Glad Hands Club: Provides life skills enrichment services for children of mothers receiving residential substance abuse treatment. Call 641-5530 or 636-5917.

        • Hamilton County Community Mental Health Board: Offers referral services and support to a range of other service organizations. 621-3045.

        • Health Alliance Behavioral Health Services: Offers a range of counseling services. Christ Hospital, 585-1894; University Hospital, 584-8577; St. Luke hospitals, 859-962-4215; Fort Hamilton Hospital 867-2433; and Butler Behavioral Health, 881-7189.

        • Health Resource Center of Cincinnati: Offers services to homeless people at no charge. 357-4602.

        • IKRON: Provides diagnostic, vocational and counseling services for mental illness and substance abuse. 621-1117.

        • Jewish Family Service: Provides individual and family counseling, childhood development and other services. 469-1188.

        • Jewish Vocational Service: Provides vocational assessment, training and counseling. 985-0515.

        • Just For Us Social Club: Provides social activities for people with mental illness. 841-1170.

        • Literacy Council of Clermont and Brown Counties: Offers reading tutorial services to adults. 732-6683.

        • Mental Health Access Point: Connects people with mental health services in Hamilton County. 558-8888.

        • Mental Health Association of Cincinnati Area: Provides advocacy, information and referrals to mental health services and support groups. 721-2910

        • Mental Health Association of Northern Kentucky: Provides advocacy, information and support groups. 859-431-1077.

        • Mental Health Services East: Provides mental health services on a sliding fee scale. 321-8286

        • Mercy Health Partners: Offers treatment for mental illness and substance abuse, including a geriatric program. 389-5959.

        • Mighty Vine Wellness Club: provides wellness and fitness services for mental health consumers. 241-9355.

        • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill: Provides information, advocacy and support for consumers. Hamilton County: 948-3094. Northern Kentucky: 859-441-7377. Warren and Clinton counties: 933-5201.

        • NORCEN Behavioral Health Systems: Provides treatment and counseling services for children and adults with mental illness and substance abuse. 761-6222.

        • NorthKey Community Care: Provides mental health and substance abuse care in eight Northern Kentucky counties. 859-331-3292.

        • PLAN of Southwest Ohio: Provides long-term planning services for families with members who have severe disabilities. 631-9500.

        • Queen City/Mitchell Mental Health Services: Offers counseling, case management, job coaching, a social club and other services. 861-6688.

        • Recovery Initiative: Consumer-run service offers peer support, information and advocacy. 221-8660.

        • Recovery Network of Northern Kentucky: Provides vocational and housing support, including computer training. 859-431-2134.

        • Recovery Solutions: Provides mental health and substance abuse counseling. 871-5570.

        • St. Aloysius Orphanage: Provides therapeutic foster care, a chartered school, partial hospitalization, treatment homes and other services. 242-7600.

        • St. Joseph Orphanage: Provides residential and mental health services for children. 741-3100.

        • Salvation Army Family Service Bureau: Provides social workers and family counseling services. 762-5660.

        • Talbert House: Provides range of services for children and adults with mental health, chemical dependency and criminal behavior problems. 751-7747.

        • Tender Mercies: Provides housing and services to homeless mentally ill people. 721-8666.

        • University of Cincinnati Biological Psychiatry Program: Provides clinical trials of new medications. 558-6652.

        • United Way: Provides funding to a range of community services, including some that can help troubled children. For referrals, call 721-7900 in Hamilton County; 867-1234 in Butler County and 859-525-2600 in Northern Kentucky.

        • Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Abuse Outreach Program: Offers youth, preschool and high-school prevention programs. 541-7099.

        • Wellness Community: Provides education and support groups for people with cancer and other severe illnesses. 791-4060

        • Women's Crisis Center: Provides counseling, crisis intervention and other services for adults and children suffering domestic or sexual abuse. 491-3335.

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