Tuesday, November 28, 2000

UC to OK biomedical department

By Ben L. Kaufman
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        University of Cincinnati is ready to consummate years of planning by creating a department of biomedical engineering.

        Trustees' approval is expected today and the department could admit undergrads next fall and graduate students a year later.

        Meanwhile, UC is anticipating Ohio Board of Regents approval for degrees that biomedical engineering graduates would earn in the joint effort of the colleges of Medicine and Engineering.

        Spokesman Greg Hand said the new department reflects UC's long-term strategy of creating interdisciplinary programs.

        “The demand for biomedical engineers in Ohio and the Midwest significantly exceeds supply and surveys suggest that gap will widen over the next decade,” according to the task force that designed the new department.

        Biomedical engineering is to begin with existing faculty from the two colleges and recruit and expand to 15 professors by the fifth year, all with primary appointments in the new department.

        In addition to some start-up costs, initial annual budgets would be about $3.2 million, half from UC general funds and the rest from private and government grants.

        Eventually, the department is have its own quarters, one tenure/promotion standard, 128 undergrads, 65 students studying for masters degrees and 30 doctoral candidates.


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