Monday, November 27, 2000

You asked for it

Hump? What hump?

        Question: A speed hump has been placed in the 1300 block of Edwards Road. Cars zip down the street at high speed and then slam their brakes on when they come to the hump. Why can't a hump be installed nearer Observatory Avenue? - Chris Hard, Hyde Park

        Answer: Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Steve Bailey said Edwards Road speed hump spacing was reviewed in 1995 and early 1996 and while engineers would like to see a speed hump nearer Observatory it is not feasible. Ideally, Mr Bailey said, the humps would be every 300 to 400 feet to curb speed. However, several factors prohibit installation of a hump in this area. The location of driveways, manholes and other intersections are all involved, he said.

        Q: Why isn't there a stop sign at Glen Oaks Drive and Mount Alverno Road in Delhi Township? We have had frequent accidents. - Joseph Andriacco II, Delhi Township

        A: Tom Langenbrunner of the Hamilton County Engineer's Office said a check of accident records and traffic counts does not warrant a four-way stop sign. However, the study indicated a need to alert motorists on Glen Oaks Drive that they are approaching a two-way rather than a four-way stop. Appropriate signs have been installed on the stop signs.

        Q: At Loveland-Madeira Road, as you turn onto Bridge Street in Symmes Township, why are motorists allowed to make a left turn into the Marathon service station there when it appears so dangerous? - Dick Siglowski, Miami Township

        A: Mr. Langenbrunner said recent improvements to Loveland-Madeira Road, including this intersection, should reduce the number of motorists using the service station as a cut through. Access to the business cannot be hindered since it was allowed in the original planning. Only agreement between the business owner and county can restrict access to the Marathon.

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