Monday, November 27, 2000

Tristate Powerball chances remote

By Jennifer Mrozowski
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        Over the past six years, only one publicly identified grand-prize Powerball ticket has come from a store in the Greater Cincinnati area.

        Everybody knows what goes around comes around — but the odds just aren't great of having a local store sell a $1 ticket that wins the multistate lottery's estimated $130 million grand prize jackpot Wednesday.

        Especially since Ohio doesn't even participate in Powerball.

        In fact, odds of winning the jackpot are downright low at 80 million to one, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association of West Des Moines, Iowa, which also offers the on-line listing of where winning tickets were sold.

        None of the tickets sold for the Powerball game Saturday night matched all six numbers drawn for that $104.6 million jackpot.

        Despite the odds, Tristate residents are heading to the stores to try their hand at picking the right number combination for Wednesday's drawing.

        Some winning tickets over the years were sold in Indianapolis, Warsaw and Bloomfield, Ind. And in Calhoun and Oak Grove, Ky.

        But our only claim to fame is the duo of Mack Wayne Metcalf, 42, who has lived in several Northern Kentucky towns, and his wife, Virginia Metcalf Merida, 46. of Dayton, Ky. Since Mr. Metcalf won the lottery, he's appeared in court for previous unpaid child support and a drunken-driving charge stemming from his premillionaire days.

        Mr. Metcalf bought a $3 quick pick ticket at the Pilot Travel Center in Walton, Ky., to win the July 22, 2000, Powerball prize worth an estimated $65.4 million.


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