Monday, November 27, 2000

Municipal court awaits move

One Renaissance Center to be new home in 2 months

By Earnest Winston
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        HAMILTON — After several delays, the municipal court offices should be moved into One Renaissance Center in two months with little disruption expected in services.

        “I would say Municipal Court should probably be moved into here within 60 days, but at this point that's conjecture on my part,” said City Manager Steve Sorrell. The move is expected to cost about $80,000, which will come from the city's capital improvement fund.

        Hamilton Municipal Judge John Rosmarin said court personnel will not prepare to move until they are told to do so, since they were originally scheduled to move in April.

        “We've prepared to move about five different times, and for some reason or another it's always canceled,” he said. “We actually were supposed to be the first ones to move.”

        The $80,000 price tag will help pay for a security system, which includes a metal detector and X-ray machines, as well as flooring and other modification work. One of the main problems that delayed the move was because the area where the metal detector and X-ray machine were to be installed was too small.

        “They're in the process now of redoing a room that we were going to use for conferences. They had to knock down a wall and run it through there because we have to have the security,” Judge Rosmarin said. “The Supreme Court is starting to tell all the courts that they have to have this security system for the protection of judges, the personnel and the public.”

        Another delay occurred because the court had to make sure that the doors to its two holding cells remain locked when there is a false fire alarm, Judge Rosmarin said.

        When the court does move, its computer system likely will be down Friday through Monday, meaning officials will not schedule court on those days, the judge said.

        “I think the biggest problem we're going to have is people finding us, not realizing that we've moved,” he said. The Municipal Court is next to the police department.


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